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Zaadz Series #1
“Understand down to Earth”
18″ X 24″ Mixed media on canvas.
I know my pictures are not very great, but if you love complicated, yet simple to understand folk/pop/recycled ART and have enough boldness inside yourself to really see past my crappy pictures to what the work is saying, it’s a hell of a lot of fun and crazy and silly and REAL…Not creepy, but really pretty, like a complicated Mardi Gras Mask…Like this reality that we live in….Real and yet can’t really be this real…Or can it?
This is a Raw and radiant Work. Opening bid 19.99, no bids, closes in less than 7 hours and is a statement and BOLD and RAW and RADIANT, reflection of my experiences of living in the moment…Good, bad and the Ugly.
Go Bid please. Trust me, It’s really a great work in person, and I again apologize for being a sucky photographer…But hey…We can’t all be great at everything, gimme a break! Trust me, 7 day return policy, no questions asked…Be Bold!
Bid…Pretty please.
Zaadz Series #2
“Tomorrow always Comes”
9×12 canvas board unframed lightweight and easy to ship
mixed media collage, with 3D stand out clayworks, layer upon layer of fabrics and papers and stuff, it’s really good work! But Alas…Still no bids, closes in less than 7 hours, and it has no reserve! You could be the first to own a BAD! Kitty Art Studio ZaadZ Inspired Artwork in the whole world…That’s pretty cool right?
Amen Sistah!
Go Bid Jive Turkey’s! It’s only $10.00!
The BAD! Kitty Art Studio Ebay Art Lotto….
who will win today?
You must play to win.
Zaadz Series #3
“Soul Operation”
Due to end in less than 2 days, opening bid
$9.99, no reserve…This is an easy one folks, the shipping will be so inexpensive because of size and weight!
Why wait bid now!
My items on eBay
Look there’s a link for your ease!
Today is a good day
to buy Original Art.
Let it be.
Yours in the moment,
Heather/Sybil Ann >>>badkittyartstudio ebay sellers name

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