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Quote of The Day
The superstition that all our hours of work are a minus quantity in the happiness of life, and all the hours of idleness are plus ones, is a most ludicrous and pernicious doctrine, and its greatest support comes from our not taking sufficient trouble, not making a real effort, to make work as near pleasure as it can be.
Arthur James Balfour
Today I work again with pure love and intention at my day job
and I look forward to the end of my shift, even before I have started. Not because of my clients, I love helping them find their inner best selves, it’s the fact that I have new art that I have started and am excited about, and I want to work on those projects instead.
I guess this is one of those days where I have to be a “grown-up” and do what needs to be done, first…Then I play!
I also am going to go to the range today, if I have time…All alone.
I loved shooting this weekend, and everytime I felt the rightness leave my string and hit the mark…I felt my warrior rise.
I felt the light fill me.
I felt the pain fall away a little more.
So I may go shoot the shit out of some paper targets…And my new arrows are sooooo cool, and fast….And did I say cool?
I am still the only woman shooting at the line….It’s 2006! Where are my Archer Grrrls out there?
No problems…I’ll just shoot anyway…And kick some
serious ass.
I have been trying to sell art, gain customers for my life coaching/psychic work site….And I am tired, because I have not seen results yet from all the effort put out.
Working for yourself, especially the way I want…No MUST make my living….Business with a conscience…It’s not working as well as I had hoped, people are confused by my approach to only asking for what I need…They are confused by my lack of greed.
So they don’t trust me.
Isn’t that funny?
I trust me though, and I know that change takes time, so today
I continue
to be
Understand it or not, I’ll still be here when you get back.
Much love to all,
Heather/Sybil Ann
You Deserve the originals in this life,
Book a reading…I’ll even give you the first five minutes free…Just to get to know me better, and prove I’m the real thing…
What’s stopping you from being the you
you really want to be?
Nothing, that’s what.

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