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Quote of the day
If you do not wish to be prone to anger, do not feed the habit; give it nothing which may tend to its increase. At first, keep quiet and count the days when you were not angry: “I used to be angry every day, then every other day: next, every two, then every three days!” and if you succeed in passing thirty days, sacrifice to the gods in thanksgiving.
Anger and focus.
My concentration today will be to control myself,
and turn focus back in on my own life.
I released a lot of the anger towards my son last night, while I talked with my guides…My blue angel (angels don’t have gender to me) that has been with me since I was in the crib…He used to hold me and smooth my brow when things were going crazy in my little girl life.
( I call him he just to make it easier to tell the story)
When my little body was being abused/exploited he would come and take me from my body, so that I could survive the event, intact…Mentally.
He has not been around for years now…Except the last three nights, and his whispers of love and faith and pureness, have made me awaken today with new ideas, new vigor, new life…I’m feeling like me again…Maybe that’s his job, to but the puzzle pieces back together when they start to come apart…When I fracture inside, he comes and heals. He also rest inside Mate Man…I just figured that out…He has always been around, my blue angel.
Believe it or not, doesn’t matter to me, because it’s my truth…Your opinion/belief in/of the facts of my life, doesn’t effect my reality, or what I know to be true.
Focus…On what can be done to make life better, instead of wallowing in ineffective anger.
Stop thinking…Start doing.
The family will be going to the local Archery Range today. The boys don’t know it yet and it’s going to be so much fun to teach them to shoot. I am not a hunter (ICK) but I am a Champion Archer…So I can’t wait to show them what their OLD MOM can really do.
My bow will be taken down and tuned and re-strung…And I will shoot until I feel better. And the Boys will have fun, and Mate Man can get his bow back up and running too…We will have to have a little healthy competing I am sure…We are both eagle eye shooters….Sniper types, both of us have incredible aim.
I am not feeling like I have to keep going this way anymore.
I feel like I finally understand the difference between loving someone so much that it becomes unhealthy.
I release Jordan (the oldest) to his own life.
I love him enough to know that DID raise a GREAT Human being…
and when he figures out how special he is, by learning, failing, and growing…Hopefully he will understand that my hands and heart have always been open, in love, not control.
So fly my little Man, I wish you all the best this world can provide for you…But I pray for your own inner discovery of your own incredible light.
I stop today.
I stop thinking about how I can fix it.
I stop thinking about what I could have, should have, would have done or did in his young life.
I know within myself, I have done my best, always.
I forgive myself today for not being able to change other people…That doesn’t mean I can’t keep inspiring, helping, healing those who want the healing.
You have to want change…For you, before it can happen.
I choose change, I choose to LIVE, and continue to grow and learn and hurt when it’s needed.
Because that is the sign of my inner spirit being truly Engaged.
Yours in the moment today,
I’m off to DO something about the way I have Been feeling…
I control me,
and I choose to be
happy today.
Have a great super Saturday everyone!
Much Love,
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