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Quote of the Day
To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. Love is the sweetest thing in the world, but to be trusted throws upon him who receives that trust an obligation that he must not fail to discharge.
David McKay
Working again today at
9am to 1:30 PST
as Sybil Ann…The great mystic/psychic guide that lives inside my head.
I will do my very best again today, and hope that it is better than yesterday, which outside of working with my old clients that have been missing me on Astrocenter Line…the day itself…BLEW CHUNKS….Then late in the evening, I was gifted money by someone who I have been working with
(a private client not from someone from astrocenter, I DO have ethics…Lord help me in a world where very few really do)
to help her with her career goals, and she had accomplished them, in a huge way… And got a big bonus too….So she shared some of it with me, making me promise to have FUN with it, and NOT pay bills with it.
OK I’m going to have fun…This weekend… That’ll be what the four of us do together…Movies, maybe Chuck E Cheese or something…Anything to take our minds off of the oldest who is still missing…And not communicating…Worry is the worst thing in the world. I hate to not knowing that he is OK….Even though I do “know” he’s ok…I “know” he’s not too.
He is breaking my heart, and his brothers too.
So… We will go have some FUN with the gift of love that was sent for us all, from someone who could have kept all her money and not shared any of it with ME and she did it anyway…Super karmic brownie points for you my dear!
So, Thank You Universe for the kindness of strangers, and the Love that is coming back into my world.
Sure Life Coaches have problems…Sure psychics are blindsided…Why?
Because that’s how humans learn.
We are not supposed to know everything all the time…
How would we ever learn or change or grow?
I’m may be psychic, I may be the next step in the evolution of Human Beings (my brain is different, proven by a lot of science and repeated MRI scans (14 in total…later in the years, at first it was CT and Pet Scans and EEG’s…scans and tests galore…the MRI’s came later when it was invented) being a test subject as a younger woman at FSU, because I was just going around willy-nilly healing people (Tent Churches that were big in the South at the time) and the word got out to a scientist that was working with other “psychics” to determine how they can do what they do…They found out that I use a lot more of my gray matter than most people do…I mean like a bunch more…and my bio chemistry is totally unexplainable…they would have loved to lock me into a room and study me like a test rat, because of my metabolism and Nero-transmitters…Which I seem to have more of than most other folks too…Fun huh?)
Whatever…I don’t freaking care… I just want to make it though the day, like every other Human being today…
and so I will go forth and do my very absolute best at all I do today.
I am the woman standing on the precipice….And I just jumped, free falling into my unknown…With faith in myself this time, may it give me the wings I am testing…And a good updraft, that would be good too.
Watch out world…
Here I come.
Much love in the moment,
Heather/Sybil Ann

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