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This is the quote that inspired the work…
Why not simply honor your parents, love your children, help your brothers and sisters, be faithful to your friends, care for your mate with devotion, complete your work cooperatively and joyfully, assume responsibility for problems, practice virtue without first demanding it of others, understand the highest truths yet retain an ordinary manner? That would be true clarity, true simplicity, true mastery.
Lao Tzu
the bottom picture is really closer to the actual colors off the painting, but I made the top one real light so you can see the stars glowing in the background. The Background is a wonderful shade of plum/marron, and the words on the painting (just in case you can’t read them)
down to earth
18 x 24
oils mixed media
$2oo.oo + shipping
email me about any questions or if you would like more pictures sent to you of it, or if you want to buy it, (please Universe) or if you want to put it on my Art layaway plan.

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