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My Newest work: “Quite Place 2” oils, 18×24 $200.00 + shipping

See what a difference lighting can make? I got some crappy ass lighting for photography here in the Old BAD! Kitty Art Studio, so forgive me; so I’m a little low tech. OK …the blue one really better represents the blues in this painting, the other one better shows the details, and the fact that it is a pinkish, reddish, blue/gray with yellows and blacks…Can’t see any of that in these two pictures…But it’s a safe little cove where the waves are lapping gently and quietly, the rocks are covered in lichen and starfish, glimmering in the almost twilight sky. The clouds are under lit with the reds, and pink/orange/violet that I love, and the water is more of the Prussian blues, crimson reds and peach spots of the sky above highlights. The waves are just barley capped in little bits of a high violet/blue. It’s really quite nice, and the depth is something I am really proud of…The technical parts…They are solid on those, This is what my manager would call…Your “Fine Art” Heather which = $$$…Lord love him… That’s good, but it’s the feeling of the painting that soothes my soul thats the wealth of it for me…being safe and enclosed; but also wide open to everything; water means release to me, I have the cove as a horse shoe shape to channel the positive in (towards me on the beach unseen) and let go of the the bad… Go out into the big huge vastness….To be watered down, diluted… And OUTSIDE myself…That was a good thing this last ten days or so.

This is from memory of a place in Southern Oregon Coast called Captains Cove or something like that…that we vacationed at when my oldest was just about 4 years old…It was the most pretty place I have ever seen during sunset at the Oregon Coast…And that’s saying something!

So…I’ll try for better pictures later, but…You know how I am.

The commissioned work went out yesterday, should arrive today, (only had to go to SeaTac) and then I can share pictures of that completed work too, can’t wait to share that one, it was super fun to live with my Saturn Fairy, and I was really quite sad to see her go so soon!

Self Portrait

oils, mixed media
almost done with the face, I wish the pictures were better,she has one eye that has a screaming little man in it (Found objects on dog walks)…And the other is a button (same as the man) that is B&W and has a Bomber balloon (what are those called?) and says plan-R on it. She has lace and pearls, and the media of her face is cut up little bits of fabric, and found scraps…Laid together to create the “idea” or Impression of a face. The background is going to be fun to finish up…And I am not sure if her face is done either…We will see. But I like looking at her…Me, she sums up how I am feeling….And what I am doing to make it better, turn the weight into fuel baby….AND BURN!
I’ll post more pictures later.
Love to all,

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