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Quote of the day
May every soul that touches mine- Be it the slightest contact- Get there from some good; Some little grace; one kindly thought; One aspiration yet unfelt; One bit of courage For the darkening sky; One gleam of faith To brave the thickening ills of life; One glimpse of brighter skies Beyond the gathering mists- To make this life worth while.
George Eliot
Happy Sunday!
I am still working hard on creating income….it’s harder when it’s Mate Man’s Birthday today….and I can’t make him his Birthday dinner, because of lack of money…It sucks…He is 40 today, and I really wanted to make it special for him…You only turn 40 one time in your life…But what I keep reminding myself is that we can celebrate his special day as soon as we can, it’s not the day it’s the Man that we celebrate anyway.
Birthday’s have always been a big deal for me, most of my own were suck feasts…As a child and as an adult, I was born in September…And it always seems that the kids need new school clothes or some other thing comes up and my Birthday is usually no big deal, a lot of times forgotten all together.
(Never by my Wonderful Mate Man)
I’ve gotten used to that…But the people I love…I want them to always have the greatest day on their Birthdays…So I always try real hard to make it so.
I have faith that the things that I can do to show my love and affection for this Fine Man, don’t have anything to do with how much money I have or if I can bake a cake, make his favorite dinner and give him presents for him today or not.
It’s about loving him to near death….That’s what I can do, and I will do my absolute best at that job…Trust me.
So I hope you all have a great day, enjoy the ones you love, and rest so that you may be great for the upcoming week.
All my love,
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