BAD! Kitty ART SALE!!!!

Sky & Water Jungle water
oils on recucled wood, framed

Fairy World #10 Moon Bathing

Oils and mixed media

24×24 $175.00+shipping

Fairy Worl 12 Batting a thousand

oils and mixed media

18 x 24 $175.00 + shipping

Fairy world 13 Fairy Notes

International award winner!

18×24 framed oils & mixed media

$175.00+ shipping

The light at the end

oils and mixed media on recycled wood framed

24 x 20

$175.00+ shipping

Fairy World 8 Midnight at the fairy debutant ball

oils mixed media 24×24 $175.00 + shipping

Fairy World #7 Pocket fairy

oils mixed media

18×24 $175.00 + shipping

Fairy World #4 If wishes were…

oils mixed media 24×18 $125.00+shipping

Fairy World #3 The Bride

oils mixed media

24 x18 $125.00+shipping


All of these paintings can be picked up in the studio as well as being shipped.

These are all reduced by at least 20% of my already really affordable prices…what are you waiting for?

Buy Some Art today.

You deserve the Orginals in life…and living artist deseverve to survive.

please use the above email address to contact me about buying any of these works for these reduced prices.

Get a psychic reading or intuitive life coaching session…my spirit guide’s name is Sybil Ann…so that’s why I use two names…for my work.

You will get free minutes with every purchase, and it’s a flat fee of $1.00 per minute aren’t you and YOUR REAL questions worth $1.00 a minute?

Contact me today!


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