BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ Portland Oregon~ ART SALE OF THE DAY!

Little man and the moon Fine art Magnet
$7.50 + shipping to buy this work

Minky Stool (fake mink fur) 1800’s bottom of a Victorian baby chair turned into a wonderful sturdy stool!
$75.00 + Shipping or you can pick up in studio For all of these works to buy this work

Fairy World 2 Innocence
oils & mixed media 18x 24 unframed
$175.00 + shipping to buy this work

Fairy World 11 The Journey
Mixed media collage on recycled wood framed
18×24 $175.00 + shipping to but this work
Cracker Jack Mary
Mixed media 8×10 framed
$100.00 + shipping to buy this work

It’s pretty simple, I need to sell some art so that I may meet some basic needs so in that effort I am offering the works above for the weekend of 2/10/06 through 2/12/06 til midnight for these prices. Please consider purchasing some art from a living artist…Namely me. Thanks for your support! Please buy something I am out of peanut butter and I have three boys!

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