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Supports Business with a conscience! Sybil Ann has recently updated her sit, it looks great, and she has made it possible for everyone, everywhere to get the best of both worlds, Life Coaching and Intuitive guidance…It doesn’t get better than that. She eis committed to making her gifts available to as many people as possible for an unheard of $1.00 per minute, and nobody, no where does that. Why you ask? Because this is a world where most people make what the market will bear…if they can make 3.00 per minute why wouldn’t they? Well Sybil Ann and I have this nifty little philosophy that we are practicing every single day of our lives…We offer our servicesIand gifts to people for what WE need to make to be rewarded well, for hard work done, but there isn’t any need for greed and truth be told it sucks the life right out of you living that way. We both firmly trust, that people…Humans are Valuable…Something of great worth…Not ATM machines to dispense cash. I get my needs met by trusting that I have everything I need…Sybil Ann taught me that….And you know what? It freaking works! It was and still is scary as shit sometimes….But the cool thing is I move the flow…And I move with the flow when I need to…I take chances, I trust myself, and so far thank the Universe…It keeps working.
The power of living with an
I don’t want more than I need…
I want what I already have…
Simple and beautiful, and really hard to do, but so worth it!
Check her out and Plug yourself in….By using her gifts as she intended them to be used…With love.
to-ta for now love’s…I have a hungry family to feed…I clipped this little bit from Sybil’s site, because I thought it was honest and good advice, even if you don’t talk with her…Good information to know.

***********Sybil Ann***********


The Best things to remember when preparing yourself for a really productive reading…Or better put…How to get your monies worth from any reading:

timing is almost impossible to predict with 100% accuracy, and not because I am not terrific guide, but because of the unchangeable fact of FREE WILL, and that every human is endowed with it…And humans are everywhere. When giving a reading we are all bound by the laws of Free Will, always remember that you are not in control of anyone but yourself in this reality, and that other human beings have their own agendas and reasons for doing the things that they willingly choose to do in their lives. Those actions may or may not affect your life, but finding or knowing every possibility that is conceivable for any given situation is not the main goal when I am working for you… I look for YOUR brightest potential, I am a Guide, not a ROAD MAP to be followed verbatim, you must always remember that what I offer is pure insight, not a cure all, you will have to do some of the work yourself to have a complete reading. I am not a performing monkey, and I am not a telephone actress, I am a real instrument of instant, powerful change. Be ready for that.
See above for the short version…But it’s very important that you realize now that you are in control of all the information that I will have available to me for your reading. If YOU are too skeptical to hear what I am saying to you, or if you are looking for a magic bullet, or only one answer will do and no other possibilities are plausible for you…Your reading may not be as rewarding as you or I would like. Approach your time with me with an open mind and the Free Will of your own pure intent to grow, know and change your world, and then we will both work to do just that.
Yep… Believe it or not your mood coming into the reading will affect my ability to seek and hear for you clearly. I am empathic (as mentioned before), and if you are in a high vented emotional state of mind, I will have to first wade through your emotions, as I will be feeling them as well, to get to the heart of the matter. Now this does not mean you need to be on auto pilot for me to do my work, but more that if you can take a deep breath and remind yourself of who you are, and what your intention for the time we are going to spend together is…In other words, focus on YOURSELF for just a moment…We can get a lot more work done.I know… Isn’t it neat when someone says, Ummm excuse me but, could you please think about yourself for a moment? 🙂
Bring An Open Mind~
The facts are, if you are looking for “entertainment” there are lots of services and web sites and psychics for you to choose from…Thousands really. I am not one of those energy workers that is looking to keep you on the phone, wasting your time and money, and frankly mine too. I will never judge you for any situation, decisions, or actions that you have made or survived through, I find most of the time, my clients already judge themselves so harshly on the inside, that there is never any room for that in my work. Hey, I didn’t come to judge, I came to HELP you get you where you want to be. Respect me, and my gifts as I will respect you and your courage to reach out and get the tools you need to make your life one that you can be proud of, happy to have, and full of all that you truly need and desire. A life that contains a FULL soul, a life that YOU WANT To LIVE. I am non denomination when it comes to religious beliefs, but I have studied theology and philosophy for more than 12 years, and use that universal and timeless wisdom in my work. I Believe in a Universal Spirit that loves all and shuns none. I believe that I am a Machine of love, and I am here with a mission.
Take your time in choosing a Personal Advisor~
Really this is very important. Look around at lots of sites, ask for referrals from friends and family, trust your inner voice that says this is the one…Or no not this reader. Energy workers are still Human Beings, imperfect and not right for everyone. Take the time to “shop” around or get a short reading from a few people till you find one that resonates with you. This is important not only to your inner self but to your pocket book as well. If you do not feel a connection, a pull to an energy worker, or a psychic web site or whatever then no amount of money thrown at these people/sites will give you what you are looking for. If I feel that I can not read for you, I will tell you right away, and issue an immediate refund. Your time is precious and so is your hard earned money. It is also equally important to me not to waste MY time or money, as this is how I make my living, feed myself and my family, just as you work for your reasons and needs so do I. I do this work with pure intention, and the up most seriousness. Please consider these facts before you decide on a personal advisor, know what it is you are looking for, even if that is just a general reading about your general upcoming life, ask questions. Waiting to see if the psychic is real or not and testing them or me, is not only irritating to the reader and a waste of your money, but for me it’s just plain rude. You’ll know we are going to have a good connection and be able to work together within minutes of talking with me…Or you’ll know it’s not going to work…I don’t mind shoppers, I don’t mind not being the right fit for you, I do mind being taken advantage of, just as any other Human would be. So please take your time, look around and then follow your own inner direction, before spending your hard earned money and time. A reading is a GUIDE to helping you make more beneficial and profitable (emotionally& materially) decisions in your life…Nothing is written in stone(See above for the Free Will Refresher, if you need to 🙂
So Why Even Get A Reading in the First Place?
Readings can give you insights into your life like nothing else can. It can give you confirmation many times of what your own inner intuitions or gut feelings have already warned you about. It can be a ton of fun to know a little bit about how things are looking, watching them then play out or directing them in healthy ways for you and your goals. Also simply put not everyone can be a Lawyer, Nurse, Accountant, Day care provider, judge, Cop, priest…You get my drift…This is what I DO, this is what I have always done. I have studied, practiced and honed my skills, I don’t call myself a Master Clairvoyant because it looks good in advertising (well it does look good) but because I am announcing what I truly am, without fear and with the expectation of being respected just as every human deserves to be respected in their field of expertise. It’s that Simple really, you call and get a reading because you have questions and I have answers.

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