BAD! Kitty Art Studio ~ New Fine Art Magnets now ready!

Man of the Moon…Transparent clay with gold leaf…Fun and catches the light in fun ways: 6.50 + Shipping
“Those who wish to sing always find a song” Those are the barely readable words printed into the top of this fun little magnet! Fun, with happy faces in the spring garden…$12.00 + Shipping
SunFlower Art Magnet! $5.00 + Shipping
Imagine Love: Again sorry about the pictures, they are all small so it’s hard to get a great picture if you are not a terrific photographer…Like me…Trust me they are great! My regular Patrons will tell you! Hint, hint, regular patrons…Speak up so the folks know I’m no film flam artist…Please. 🙂 $12.00 + Shipping
Little Man and the moon $10.00 + Shipping
Let’s Rumba! Another really Fun Magnet! $7.50 + Shipping
Good Old Time Grrl Fun Magnet for any fridge! $7.50 + Shipping
Joy Art Doll Magnet…Sorry about these pictures, this one is very fun! She reminds us all that Joy is where you find it, sometimes that even means you have to make it for yourself!
$17.50 + Shipping

Baby Grrrl Art Doll Magnet
9″ long 7″ wide
Mixed media and much more colorful than this picture shows.
$25.00 + Shipping

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