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Quote for the Day
Total freedom is never what one imagines and, in fact, hardly exists. It comes as a shock in life to learn that we usually only exchange one set of restrictions for another. The second set, however, is self-chosen, and therefore easier to accept.

Anne Lindbergh
Yesterday was a fruitful day. I went and talked to my Doctor, who informed me that it was a technical computer glitch, and she was in no way culpable for the issue or the length of time it took to fix it. She was fine with stating in my paramount file that it was their issue and not me. I didn’t do anything wrong, and I have been UBER careful with the medications…So I stood my ground, spoke my truth, asked for the result that I wanted, and got it done. I really don’t care why it happened, I just want it understood that it should not have happened in the first place, and more importantly to just me…That it won’t happen again to me or anyone else. I asked her to place notes in all my open too everyone in the HMO documents that I had experienced a technical error, and that all future weird things should be called to her attention at once…And she agreed that next time she won’t just wait for the month top go by and see me again at our appointment…She will call next time, and I was asked something interesting. Why didn’t you become a screaming pain in my side?
That’s what she asked.
I simply stated that I felt that after being treated like a drug addict by the pharmacy and the nurse staff, because I wanted to know where my refills had disappeared to, that I simply am well bred, and very well mannered. I thought pissing and morning would would make them treat me MORE like a desperate Junkie, than they all ready were.
She thought about it, and I added…I wanted to talk with YOU, so because I found it impossible to go thru any switchboard to reach her, I simply waited.
I thought about that all the way home, about how I had dimplomaticly handled myself with calm, patience and integrity. I said everything I need to say, and things were fixed and apologies issued.
Problem solved. I am proud of myself.
I used my newfound ability to purge myself of irrational fear,
and anger and then went in with confidence and the thought that it was going to work out the way it was supposed to work out for the best for my personal self.
and it did.
faith is a beautiful thing…It gave me wings to face an old fear and win.
So, if I can do that and be successful…
watch out world, I am fully
ready, to take all of it on.
I am ready to be fully engaged, responsive and BOLD.
Full time.
Proof is in the small steps…
Proof is in the pudding…
Proof is in the doing.
The Universe always conspires with action that is correct and coming from a place of truth.
Truth is always the best path for this
Thank you my friends that contacted me after reading the post….Yesterday, you both have no idea, how much it meant to me to hear your words, and know that they were coming from a place of real love. I am blessed and grateful for your presence in my life today, and again I thank you.
Have another busy day today, more art promotion, and I have to conduct an interview with a major magazine about my process of creation, and how my intuitive life coaching falls into my approach to my artwork. It should be interesting, because I have purposely not thought about what I will answer to that question, so that I may let my real truth about that come to the surface in its own way and time.
That should prove enlightening for the both of us.
I also have business stuff to accomplish, and that will take up the rest of my day, details of promotion and advertising. Sometimes being a self promoting artist gets in the way of being an artist itself…So much work to get seen, stay seen, make sales, inspire, and create/discover new depths of my inner creator.
Whew! It’s hard to make ends meet, but today I feel free because it’s all me. No corporations, no boss, no one telling me what I am worth, or when I’ll have the time for living…I live while I work…I feel most alive when I am alone in my studio, music pumping, paint flying…Tone, texture, feeling, LOVE!
Have a great day all,
I am off to be brilliant, witty and insightful…Well I hope to be all those things…
I’ll be what I will be in that moment…Right now I have to go be Mom.
till later,
BE BOLD today!
And Buy Art…Yes Buy My Art!

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