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Quote for the day
About time, and changing his clock on October 28, 1962, he wrote: “Time has its own dimensions, and neither the sun nor the clock can encompass them all. All we can do with the astronomical absolutes of time is note them, divide them as we please, and live by them in our daily routines. Beyond that, our own emotions, our hopes and fears, our worry and our relief, shape not only our days but our hours with only casual regard for absolute or arbitrary time. The busy day can be brief, the suspension hour endless. Who can prove, by any clock ever devised, that time on occasion does not stand still? The interval between heartbeats can be a terrifying eternity, and the pause between two spoken words can shape the dimensions of all our tomorrows. Time is all around us, the time of the hills, the time of the tides, the lifetime of a man or a tree or an insect. We participate in time, try to shape it to our own necessities; but when we change the clocks we aren’t changing time at all. We are playing with figures on a dial that denotes but cannot alter the flow of forever.”

Hal Borland
Ok…time, it has been standing still
stopping on a dime
pulling a u-turn
flipping a bitch
on me, is it really Friday already?!
Being that I am an expert
in the three point turn…
I seem to “make” it…as long as I don’t over think everything,
my biggest problem is learning how to deal with this
very straight and narrow
thinking in reference to time.
I need about 12 more hours than I get everyday…
I can’t get it all done…Ever.
Laundry, bills, kids, house, food, my two full time companies…My Mate Man, and then if I am really freaking lucky
My artwork is stalling, because of my damn hands being so swollen,
I don’t know where you are, but here in Oregon it’s rained
(not just regular drizzle either… It’s been raining Freaking torrents)
36 out of the last 39 days…Landslides, washed out roads, flooding, falling trees, and we can’t walk around the backyard, because it’s so soft you sink 4″ with everystep…like walking on a giant sponge.
Stress isn’t good for me…makes me batty after awhile…I need a fair amount of alone time, to remain sane…and I find as I age, that I have become decidedly low maintenance and almost anti-social. My friends know that I may go a week or two without talking to them, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want/need them…but I am really freaking busy, Really, Really Busy. When I get those stolen moments…That down time when I write or create artworks…that’s like going to church for me…if my work were a religion…I would be considered a very religious person.
My point being…and yes I had one…is that as I age, I find that I don’t have enough time…ever and at the same time…I feel as if I have been waiting on the big shift…Waiting
sniffing upwind
like I have always been here for a reason.
I have a powerful Mission.
I came here with one, I have always been opening everydoor,
not knowing when it might be
“the” one…
my dawn.
I am getting tired…you know weary in the bones
of waiting on a change
that seems too long in coming.
Change for all of humanity on every level.
I came here with a message, I came here with a purpose, I came here to be…more.
I know, I know… be the change…yeah I got it…and I am being the change I want to see manifested. You have to really belivef in something before you can manifest it…and humanity seems so bleak sometimes…so bereft of a soul…Children being killed and raped in Africa…the State of our Union, money, greed, evils of ease.
I just want to go to bed, pull the covers over my head, never go outside my house walls again, and just shut it all down…
please hit the lights on your way out…Heather has left the building.
The fact is that I wake up each and every fucking day,
with the same Mission.
3,2,1… Launch….Ummm Huston?…we have a problem.
I get up and I know there is something I need to do…I am driven everyday to find out what it is.
Curios George and all that yellow hat business…
Somedays it’s my work, somedays it’s being Mom, somedays, it’s writing this blog everyday, just doing it…sometimes it’s a number of other things…
but the FACT, the most important FACT is that I wake up each day at all.
Every day above ground is good.
I wake up, and I have a reason for doing it.
I have a reason for good days,
I have a reason for bad days,
I have a freaking reason…lots of them, and they vary between themselves as needed.
The Hard for me thing is the patience part…I am not patient…not even close.
I can keep that to myself, I can hide it very well, but it’s there…this simple foot tapping, let’s kick some ass
I am tired of waiting, it’s pretty simple.
Hello universe, It’s me…Heather…I was just wondering, you think you could send some opportunity my way…Something I can sink my teeth into…Something I can mold
maybe now, maybe never…But just send some.
I am ready, I am ready.
I need a sign.
I am asking for a sign that you have heard this, a sign that could only be provided for by something as large as yourself…My vibrational/energetic
I seek only truth, I seek only what is best for myself, my family and the family of man as a whole.
I seek to understand the magic of understanding.
I seek.
I am ready.
Thanks to all for your time and energy this morning…when it’s not in my head it’s not as powerful over my every thought and action during my waking moments…
and I need to keep it real.
I love all my peeps..a shout out to all that I might have missed in the last couple of days…you know who you are…
Love to all,

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