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Quote of the day
“If anyone wants to understand the course of man on earth, he must consider the fact of the long pause, three million years on the level of savagery, ten thousand years on the level of dependence on the fruits of hand labor, and a hundred or a hundred and fifty years of sudden sharp rise. One hundred or 150 years is the time included in what we call progress in man’s history.”

E. Parmalee Prentice
When I take the time to think about how far I have come as a Human Being in the last three years…I see that my evolution is just really beginning. I am working on this new body of work, as I move through each piece, knowing I’ll be at this for the next year is exciting and daunting…It took 9 months to paint the Fairy World Collection…And at the end of it…I was hating fairies…I never wanted to see a fairy again…Screw fairies…
(*repenting artist…I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!)
it seems that they are paramount part of my work now… I try to stick wings on everything now…As soon as I was done with the 13th one…
I painted Secrets…in twenty minutes…I had the background done…and it was dry and Secrets came out of a moment of pure Joy when I had finished Fairy World…and it was twenty minutes before anyone would be home…and I had just gotten a call…Literally moments after I decided I was really, really done with Fairy’s… From the City Hall telling me that one of other paintings had been picked by the Susan G Kormen Breast Cancer, race for the cure local art show called Up close in Pink…And I got into the show with “The New One” and the Mayor liked my work enough to find me at the opening and tell me personally…I LOVE Portland’s Mayor…But I am old school and remember way back to when he was the cities police chief…And the first one in the country to march along side his newly outed daughter, in my first Gay Pride March…Too cool…Anyway…He really made the night special by sharing time with me, and I felt like I was on cloud nine the entire time. Secrets was painted in that 20 minutes, and to this day is still my most favorite work to date…It sold before it was dry…Powerful proof of the magic of creation!
(You can see pictures on my web site here or some are in my photo section here at ZaadZ)
Today I am working on the last details of the commissioned work…And finishing details on the new stuff I have ready to be detailed…I work on three projects at a time…If you were wondering…Short attention span, and I like keeping it fresh…I move from one work to the next all day long…
just like the blog…7 days a week 365 days a year.
Promises made to self…And promises kept…
terrific inner power tool…
So my work is so different than what I did last year…And yet still the same…
Today I work, I discover, I share the knowledge that I gain by being quiet all the time…And move on upstream.
Yours in the flow,

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