A Sneak Peek at what I am working on right now!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Sneak Peek!
I am working on a commissioned artwork…I can’t show you the whole thing…But I did finish the artdoll, that I am painting, layering, silk screening for her to live “in”.
She is made from several different things….
papers, foam core, fimo, glass beads, feathers, tiny little screws, the fortune cookie fortune from the day I was asked to do the painting…
She will be living in a wonderful world…Where she can dance among the stars…She dances WITH…
the Universe…She is free…And she is dipping her toe into the vastness of
herself…The infinite,
the tiny,
that is her own making…
she chooses to dance
Just wanted to share…
Because I have been working on this for a week…
(this is the third one made…The other two were failures and fell apart…*grin* I love Evolution!)
And hard work should be shared, and because I love her…And the painting is coming along really great too…..It’s been really fun to live with her and learn
Thanks to my recent reading… (Thanks Miss Kelly!)
I understand what she is doing…And why she is here…Yeah!
Speaking to myself…And the world in
my own visual dialogue…
see me Dance?
Join me.
Soul-Fully yours,

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