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Gerard Bodifée 0102
Question: You started out as a scientist. How did you develop from there to being somebody who also has attention for the aesthetic and the religious, and who searches for bridges between these? How did this personal evolution happen?

Bodifée: It wasn’t a personal evolution at all. For me it has been like this since the beginning. But there is also a social trick to it: as a young man it’s not done to flaunt your religious beliefs, but you can your scientific ambitions. And so, pragmatically, this is what I did. But my deepest inspiration, and accordingly also all my aspirations and ambitions, have always been of a religious nature. That is what moves me. The fact that I went and studied science was also driven by a religious motivation: I was moved by the universe, in search of ultimate truth. From a naïve 17-year old’s conviction that science was the way towards truth. I was looking for Truth with a capital T, the Truth of God. And of course, as far as I was concerned, all that out-moded religious stuff didn’t do it for me any more!

That was the opinion of a teenager. And now science has become the way. But in fact, it is the same search for truth. Later in life you can take greater liberties. Then it’s not your problem any more, you can foist it off onto society: I am who I am and if society doesn’t like it, so be it. Now I do what I think I must. And so I show more on the outside of what has been living inside me. And it has come as a surprise to most people that this has turned out to be religious in nature. And then people say: what a sudden transformation! No, not at all, it is only now that I am bringing the inside to the outside, which I couldn’t do earlier because society wouldn’t allow it. And I believe that this is still the case: on this point society is totalitarian and oppressive. So you have to act it all out in a different way. For many people, maybe even for most, it’s a close thing: the religious feeling gets so repressed and held back that in the end it withers away on the inside. That can also happen.

And then all that remains is just to go on living a superficial life. But that is a tragic impoverishment of your spiritual and intellectual life. I think I narrowly escaped this fate by bringing out what drives me at my deepest core. And I did this for the first time openly in my booklet called “In Principle” (in Dutch: In Beginsel), in the early nineties. I was about forty years old, and yes, by that age you can start to be a bit more like who you really are. And what anybody else thought about that didn’t really matter to me. But of course, it raised a storm of protest from all corners: “You can’t do this!” Also from the church: “You can’t write about those things; you are a scientist!” And in the mean time, you find you’ve been labelled by society. And you just have to live with that for the rest of your life. You are branded as a scientist, but then again you’re bit of an odd one, because you also hold beliefs. But that just reflects the inability of society to look inwards.

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