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Quote of the Day
“Those that think that wealth is the proper thing for them cannot give up their revenues; those that seek distinction cannot give up the thought of fame; those that cleave to power cannot give the handle of it to others. While they hold their grasp of those things, they are afraid of losing them. When they let them go, they are grieved and they will not look at a single example, from which they might perceive the folly of their restless pursuits – such men are under the doom of heaven. “

Chuang Tzu
When I move you move. When I sing you sing,
when I cry you hurt, when I need you are available, when I fear you ae strong, when I loose you help me see my gains, when I fail you pick me up, when I am blind you wait for me to gain sight, When I can’t trust you give me faith, when I am great you celebrate with me, when I am wrong you teach me, when I grow you support me, when I am sorry you forgive.
For all of these things and so much more…I love you,
my mate, my friend, my husband (icky social word I hate to use), my sex pistol, my heart and soul…I love you.
From this life to the next.
I love you.
There is no line.
My life is changing, it always seems to be in this perpetual state of flux…Living in the moment, means that my life is always changing…Some days I wake up and I think…What’s going to happen today? For months that has been scary…And I have struggled with it.
I decide I didn’t have to do that any more…Self control.
Today, I work…I focus, I stay in the moment, I have some faith…And trust in the Universe, and myself and my Mate and My Family…And we will ride through this time, we will grow from it, we will become stronger because of it, we will grow.
Love to all, I am off to work,
and create beauty where there is none,
Perception is Reality.
Circumstances change.
I am the reed.

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