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Quote for the day
And the little girl had approached the bed no nearer than thirty feet when she pulled out a pistol and shot the wolf dead; for even in a cap and nightgown a wolf looks no more like your grandmother than Calvin Coolidge looks like the Metro-Goldwyn lion.
Moral: Little girls are not so easy to fool nowadays as they used to be.
James Thurber
Little grrrls are not so easy to fool nowadays…
that’s an understatement.
I am becoming what I am to be.
The theory that things “happen”
is not one I can put any faith into.
Everything is relative to what is
and what it will be.
The tiniest actions, thoughts, words,
we make every
second of the day.
To walk to dog,
to feed yourself well,
to earn money for doing what you do best,
to exercise your body,
Those are choices we make or don’t make.
How can eating a Big Mac
or not eating a Big Mac
Change the world
or more importantly
change you?
I think about it like this:
What if you had all the “things”
you think you need
to be your best you,
to reach your most full potential
as a Human Being,
written down in a list?
What would be on your list?
New Job?
New Car?
More Money?
Better sex life?
More energy?
Become more intelligent?
What Things would you pack in your
over night bag…If you were going to visit yourself
in your vision of your “perfect” future self?
What would you need to do/take action on to get there?
The following is my personal list of what is important to me…For me to be the best me I can be…Right now today 1/11/06 11:00 am, Wednesday.
1. Healthy ruthlessness ~ Heather’s Definition of which is:
being able to say No to things, people, places, or situations that I
don’t feel motivated/comfortable about/with.
Also, being aware of opportunity…It’s everywhere…And being able to reach out and take it when it shows itself to me.
Follow my heart…I’ll be criticized either way…So if I see a way to the goal…And it’s hard…I just lean into it more, dig deeper…To find/create the treasure hidden.
2. Pride of my Body ~ Definition: feed myself well, exercise, and generally love the skin I’m in today…Well… In simple English…I love my body because it’s above ground…Everyday above ground is good.
3. Hope and Faith ~ definition: I am a machine of love therefore I will always have something to believe in.
4. Integrity ~ definition: knowing what needs to be done in the moment, and then doing it, to the best of my ability at that time.
5. Ownership of self ~ definition: I own the ground I am standing on…Where ever that may be…I am boss of me, and I will speak out if I feel the need, I will advocate for the weak, I will warn the oppressed, I will inspire myself to greatness, and clean up any messes I make along the way…Right then…Leave things to sit, and they cause stains…Clean up after yourself in the moment. I am giving myself permission to not be my “best”, allowing for screw-ups and making good when I do…And I keep my promises I have made to myself. My internal Constitution, my own Declaration of Independence…My own Bill of Rights.
That’s all…That is…If it’s only a short trip…
What’s in your bag?
Have a great day,
yours in the ruthless pursuit of
inner peace, wealth and power,
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you deserve the

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