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Quote for the day!
“Now in creative thought common sense is a bad master. Its sole criterion for judgment is that the new ideas shall look like the old ones. In other words it can only work by suppressing originality. “

Alfred Whitehead
Yesterday was a blur…I kept thinking, and it didn’t stop until
I finally took a pill and just went to sleep.
I try so hard to not medicate the
TO deal with them head on.
Somedays…I do better than others.
The last month has been a blur…The holidays, the work, the kids, the promises made, the changes made, the challenges met, the goals set, the direction planned, the course altered, the pain, the loss, the understanding….The growth.
So…When things got really quiet…After the initial excitement of I have time! I found…Myself wandering…
what do I do?
Why do I do it?
Living with a
a set of laws that bind
the pieces together…
when they want to come apart…
and fall…
floating off like
discarded eyelashes…Unnoticed
till they stick in a soft spot.
My heart is heavy for the double loss
of the miners in West Virginia
feeling so much for those people who lost
not only their
but their they lost
miracle from their
Faith is a special substance…
like shoveling mercury with a pitchfork,
it slides so easily from us, and when lost
we feel
Being an Intuitive and empath is a great gift…
and also a great burden,
with the knowing,
the knowing,
the knowing…
things I can’t
do anything about.
Except say it.
I know how easily
So many monsters.
The changes shift
us outside our
own worlds.
Sift us from the whole,
the husk from the shell,
burn away the
I am living with intention.
I am filled with dedication…
to help us all
not have to hear
no more I love you’s.
I will use the knowing
instead of being swallowed whole
by the big
I will ride it…My board
leaves a
white trail
thru the barrel
I feel the thunder
across the
waters angry surface
and still I
lean into the pressure
like there’s no
My eyes are
this tale is my own.
I am the narrative
of my own ending.
Yours in the
ride today,
I’m hanging ten…walking the board…
in the barrel…With the daylight in my eyes.
PS…I used to be a surfer…
so all the references to surfing… In this stream of thought.
I dreamed of
being a silver drop
riding, the glistening
waves, becoming the wave
and separating from it…
becoming more.


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