BAD! Kitty Art Studio Beats the impeachment Drum…Again.

I ask…Where is your anger?
Here’s a taste of what’s to come
if we don’t do what needs to be done..
Come on People, you can’t say you feel better, look better, have more security, or better sex appeal since this regime has taken over…Think about it..WE THE PEOPLE…Remember that old thing?
I ask again…Where is your anger?
Need to spend five bucks on coffee today or how about 5 dollars for a gallon of gas tomorrow?
My 5 bucks is going here…Your choice.
Choose something.
You and yours or Them?
Who do you want to tell you what to do, think…Understand…For me it’s no question…I’m proud to be an American…I won’t let the current regime make me change my mind about that…I am proud of our soldiers…I just want them home alive…Another one was killed last night, another death…For what? Bring home our people…NOW!
Get the fuck out Buch &CO. we are done being lied to and used as economic slaves…Sit and twist…asshat. I won’t do it…You can if you want…But you’ll find me in the streets before I give up the right to say what I want, read what I want, sleep with who I want, marry who I want, eat, shit and sleep where I want…(you know what I mean) and pay for a government that I elected…Not the one that was placed in office. OMG! Look at the money….Just that one part should be making the entire country scream GET OUT…I just don’t get it. Now it’s OK with you?!…As long as it’s someone else’s family member that died last night, in another senseless roadside bombing…My love and support to every single member of our armed services…I care about you and the people of the places you are in…That’s why I speak out…I would be all for it, if it wasn’t all based on a lie…You shouldn’t die for lies. You are too good for that. Too Good.
BAD! Kitty Out —>

More impeachable crimes revealed

Attempting to appear earnest and sincere, George W. Bush told an American people anguished by the criminal war in Iraq and the White House’s trashing of the Bill of Rights that, Anytime you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, a wiretap requires a court order.

Bush, the incorrigible liar, spoke those words in Buffalo, New York in 2004, well over two years into a super-secret spying and wiretap program authorized by the President himself. The vast program launched on the American people was designed precisely to avoid judicial oversight – the need to obtain a court order before the wiretapping of countless citizens and non-citizens alike. You need not be the subject of any criminal investigation to have been targeted by George W. Bush and Dick Cheneys regime.

Under Bush, the people have lost the sacred right to due process, to the presumption of innocence, the right to be confronted by evidence in open court, the right to legal counsel, the right to make phone calls and send emails or participate in political protest without becoming the focus of intrusive government wiretaps and spying. While routinely spying on a large but still unknown number of Americans, the Bush White House has set up secret prisons around the world, has systematically engaged in secret and open torture practices and has engaged in a worldwide campaign of secret assassinations. (NY Times, December 28, 2005)

Nixon too thought he was above the law

The people must not and will not stand for this criminal conduct. This President and Vice-President, upon their election (or selection) into office, believed that they were given a special waiver exempting them from adhering to the Constitution and the laws of the land forbidding such a massive spy program. In fact, these high officials took an oath of office to uphold, not subvert, the Constitution and the cherished freedoms that belong to the people.

Bush and Cheney are acting with the same imperial arrogance as Richard Nixon. Twenty months after he was re-elected (in a landslide, no less), Nixon resigned rather than be impeached. Bush’s impeachment can and will happen now because people are supporting this movement with great enthusiasm and with great commitment.

Today, millions of people in this country passionately support the movement. In 2006, we will do everything in our power to make impeachment a reality. The naysayers never make history. We do not wait for timid politicians to lead. Throughout our own history it has been the grassroots peoples movements that took the lead and the politicians that followed. In the case of Nixons impeachment and resignation, official history only records the congressional hearings that led to Nixons demise, but those hearings were the culmination, not the beginning, of a grassroots peoples movement that spread coast-to-coast.
Keep the Heat On!

Join the January 6-9 massive Peoples Lobby for Impeachment
Between January 6-9, tens of thousands of people will use the web site to send an email or fax to their elected official demanding that Bush and Cheney be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.

On these days, there will be an easy-to-use email mechanism on the web site that will allow you to send an email letter to your elected official telling them to uphold the Constitution by supporting impeachment. Even if your Senators or congressional representative are unsympathetic to impeachment, let them know what you think. If you think that they are potentially sympathetic, tell them to stop waiting and act now! We owe it to ourselves and to our children to speak up, loud and clear.

On January 7, impeachment will be the focus of town hall meetings and rallies in communities around the country. Send us an email and tell us how the event went in your area so that we can post it on the web site.

The January 6-9 Peoples Lobby for Impeachment will be just the first steps of the Impeachment Action Plan to force impeachment in 2006.
New York Times Ad in January

Shortly after the January 6-9 Peoples Lobby for Impeachment, the full page newspaper ads in the New York Times and other newspapers will be published. Radio spots and other advertising will start to run. The ImpeachBush/ movement will organize or form contingents in hundreds of anti-war activities in cities and towns throughout the United States on March 18-20 – the third anniversary of the criminal war in Iraq.

In April and May, there will be a huge impeachment presence in the streets of this country.
We are succeeding in building this movement from the bottom up. Congresspeople including John Conyers, John Lewis, Senator Barbara Boxer and a few others are beginning to speak about impeachment. But the elected officials are some of the most timid opponents of Bush. If you consider for a moment that the Zogby poll of a few months ago reported that 53% of the people support impeachment if Bush lied about the reasons for going to war in Iraq — and everybody knows he did – you would expect a wave of impeachment resolutions in congress.

But the truth is that in the United States, we must create a tidal wave for impeachment from the grassroots before the politicians finally act (it is the toxic side effect of corporate campaign contributions polluting real democracy and the Constitution.)
If you believe Bush and his regime should be impeached, please make a much-needed donation.

The NY Times and other newspaper ads, radio spots, printing of posters, leaflets, organizing demonstrations and rallies all of this happens because of the generosity and commitment of people who believe in upholding the Constitution.

Hundreds of people volunteer countless hours for this movement, others help by making a donation and some do both. By making a contribution for impeachment we build a movement that insists that the current and future leaders of this country be held accountable for their actions. If Bush can succeed in shredding the Constitution, a dangerous precedent has been set. Please support the impeachment movement today. We are at a truly critical moment in the history of this country and the time to act is now. Click here to make a donation.
-All of us at ImpeachBush/

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