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Quote for the day!
G’day – Australian Slang for
How the heck ya doing today?
“The well adjusted make poor prophets. A pleasant existence blinds us to the possibilities of drastic change. We cling to what we call our common sense, our practical point of view. Actually, these are names for an all-absorbing familiarity with things as they are. . . . Thus it happens that when the times become unhinged, it is the practical people who are caught unaware . . . still clinging to things that no longer exist.”
~Eric Hoffer
This is shoe day in our home.
Everyone will go shopping today and buy new shoes, everyone will get one new pair its so much fun….family shoe day that we limit ourselves to doing it only once a year… I know…we are, like such crazy rebels gone mad, in an insane world…new shoes once every year?!
Well, it’s only once a year for the big people the kids need new shoes every three months but Mom and Dad don’t get new shoes except on Shoe Day.
I’m excited, I love shoes, not girl shoes…uuuggggh!
I love mens shoes…I can’t walk around in girl shoes!
I would feel like I was in drag or something.
I will wear grrrl Shoes if they are Sic enough…
but they have to be some smokin’ hot shoes for me to want to wear them…
usually boots…
I will literally fall to my knees in front of the boot rack, well made, OH they are…steele toed? (even better) Thick soled boots….
I secretly worship boots and bacon
( I don’t eat bacon (not much)…ick, but I love the smell of it…so, thats not so wrong, is it?)
ssshhhh don’t tell…Top Secret…
poop nobody ever listens to me…anyway
today is shoe day!
I am hoping for a new pair of everyday ass kicking boots!
But I’ll just have to see what we find.
I’ll settle for some new slip-on Merrll’s too..Oh my favorite brand of regular shoes are Men’s Merrell’s…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like walking on clouds all day.
I have three pairs, worn thru…and they cost a freaking fortune…but send me to hell right now if it’s wrong, but I love those shoes.

I am working hard to stay centered today.
I am sick, and it’s not the flu.
I am going to go see some doctors today…and will have to do the whole…

“Well, we will have to send you to a specialist for this test, and that test….”
I hate being sick.
I hate it even more when I know it’s going to be not a simple sick either.
Something is wrong with my lungs
Got to figure it out
I’m a little scared
OK a LOT scared
And I will get thru it, no matter what the problem ends up being
But I am worried… about it being bad news
Seeing shadows, and bright spots on x-rays is never good…
But maybe it’ll just be something easy to fix with medication or something and won’t be a huge ugly thing to deal with.
So I’ll go for the tests…and I’ll wait for the results..and I’ll be brave.
Hell I have already been told I was going to die…twice now…in six months or less…it’s been 15 years of hearing that…and proving them wrong.
So I’m not afraid of hearing it’s the big C…I have already beat that once…but at the time I was younger, and only had one child…now there are three..and it’s not like they won’t know whats going on with Mom.
I worry for them too.
I am sure that it’s not going to emerge into a huge thing…it usually doesn’t…so why waste energy on it? I am only Human…
So instead we will have
SHOE DAY! And we are having Ice Cream for Lunch!!!…well not real Ice Cream…but we are having Sundays for lunch dammit!
And the trip to the doctor will be just another thing we have to do today…not a big deal.
Because there is always shoes…and
Buddha…who got me thru all the other stuff in my life with that one little quote…up there…
Believe nothing…
Unless it makes sense to my inner me.
My inner me is one hard-headed, stubborn, southern fried grrrl.
So most of what Western Medicine has to offer me…
Has been me practicing…just that.
Not believing it unless it makes sense to me.
I just don’t listen sometimes.

Yours today, in the struggle to remain present in the moment
* I’m given her all I’ve got Captain!!!….More!… Power Scotty….fuck it, just beam my ass up!

Captain Kirk Out—->*
and to finding the coolest kick ass shoes/boots the Universe has to offer!
Yea! Three cheers for Shoe DAY!


  1. pinky
    January 1, 2006

    I love shoe day!!! how fun is that? and i wandered into a pair of Merrels this summer and i will never own another brand of tennis/boot shoes. love, love, love what’s up with the sickies? you’ve been on my mind a LOT, so i knew something was up, i just couldn’t put my finger on it. you’ll be cool, though, i know it. oh and since it’s the middle of the freaking night here: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  2. HMBT
    January 1, 2006

    Pinky you rock…I hope you guys had a great Holiday…give Big J and Little K all my love too will ya?Missing you chickola!Thanks for dropping by.Love, Heather

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