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Quote for the day
Labdien, sveiki, chau (informal sound like in Italian),
– Latvian for hello
“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”

Niccolo Machiavelli
I dreamed about hands last night.
Hands of love, hands that caused pain,
hands that protected, hands that have guided,
baby hands, old gnarled hands, hands creating,
hands destroying.
I see the symbolism in the dream…
I understand what the “hands” mean.
It means I am Human.
I was speaking with a friend yesterday, who was facing a
“potential confrontation” with someone in her life.
I was talking with her about the situation from
different perspectives…I was coaching her on how to react,
with self control and self advocacy, and in the moment.
I kept using the word
impeccable, while explaining that her fear and anxiety
were hers to control or to be controlled by.
It was in her hands.
I felt the key turn inside her, I felt the door open.
When we had finished talking about why it was important that she
remind herself of who she is today,
in this moment…She asked me a question, that I had a quick answer for at the time…
and I still do, but I also thought about the answer all day long.
She asked why I kept using the word
it’s a simple and complex answer.
I am practicing being impeccable in the moment myself…Daily.
The trials that occur in my life are but practice sessions for the big show. So I use it in my daily self talk and also out loud…I say it over and over again…To stay in the moment…Like training my body…I train my mind thru repetition and seeing everything in my daily life as a chance to grow…And learn something…Eat it up…Eat it up with my fingers.
Hold some answers in my hands, like candy on the tongue, a sweetness to be savored.
When the shit hits the fan…And it does and always will…
I know that I am a new me.
I know today that I have been practicing moment to moment living for three years here soon
(less than a week to go till my third anniversary of making this promise of discovery/recovery to myself)…
And what I have learned is this…
I am what I believe I am.
Not what I want to be.
I am what my inner belief is about myself.
Even if that inner belief isn’t clear to my conscious mind…My subconscious training is my internal belief system.
I am re-training my subconscious with a daily download of new beliefs about myself. The NEW why of me.
I am Not what I want to be in this reality, I am what I believe I can be…That is our struggle…Reprogramming the quiet inner self…The one that makes the (our) awake minds a habitable and profitable place to live with/in/from.
The struggle to stay present, even in the suck-fest moments,
and try to make good choices…Has made me realize that the old me….
like the hand in the picture above,
is a key to the present me,
and a door I have already unlocked and gone thru.
The hands that shape my future me are now
my own.
I am opening a new door.
Look here in my hand…
a new key.
I teach people daily how to ask good questions,
ones that will bring back good answers.
In teaching I get to learn twice.
I learned something yesterday, about myself.
I am not afraid all the time anymore.
I look at the road ahead…
the unknown
as an adventure…
and in my hands
are new keys
to open
Dear Universe, it’s me Heather…I am ready,
just in case you were wondering…
yes I am ready…To learn more.
Thank you Universe for the opportunity to do so.
Hey you…
want to come along?
Just take my

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