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Selamat Pagi – Indonesian for Hello
“To me it seems basic to the getting rid of fear to know that our trials, of whatever nature, are not motiveless. In our present stage of development we could hardly do without them. So often looking . . . Ugly . . . They are in reality the branches by we which we catch on and climb. They are not obstacles to happiness. . . . Every call of duty has its place in this ideal; every irksome job, every wearisome responsibility. The fact that we are not always aware of it in no way annuls the other fact that it is so. . . . “

Basil King

I hope everyone had a great holiday…This house had a wonderful day…With all the little ones ending up very happy, and even Mom and Dad got presents this year too!
This morning I woke up thinking about value…Not the costs in life but the real value of things.
How do you put a price tag on living in the moment?
I have a friend who has a wonderful little girl, and I have a friend that has a terrific little boy.
Both of these women are brave, and fierce beings.
Both of these women and their kids are victims/survivors of the Fathers of their children…
And the two great little kids…They are in the middle.
I woke up thinking about the value of the lessons each of these strong women are going thru,
and the children that will learn how to
BE A REAL LIVE, FEELING, INVOLVED and ENGAGED Human Beings in this life thru first hand experience of these lessons/trials by watching their Mothers show them how to be hurt…How to be strong…How to advocate for themselves…How to have a sense of
internal value and self worth.
Because both of these women have a abundance of character…Integrity…And Fear.
Using the scary stuff to fuel a fire that motivates them to become the very best people they themselves can become…
Each of them learning to live in the moment…Each of them failing…Getting up and doing not trying…But doing it …again… Some call it pain…I call it growing with a direction…I call it determination…I call it courage.
I find a whole bunch of grace in the actions of these Human beings, these females, these goddesses of creation…These Mothers.
Because even when they stumble, when they are living in the moment…They find how strong they are…Not even thinking about what they can’t possibly do…
If given the chance to think most Humans will taken the path that leads to least amount of pain.
When living in the moment…You don’t have time to think about reacting…You just do it.
That’s why life gives us these daily trials to make us practice daily being in the moment…Like the athlete trains their body to make their body react out of practice we do the same thing with our minds…
if we live in the moment every single moment,yes even the ones that suck…
we train ourselves to react in more healthy and beneficial ways…
Therefore changing our lives and the lives of those around us. Being the change does and will work…
For you, for your family and friends…Train yourself to use each disappointment, trial, and bend in the road as an “educational moment” to practice living in the moment with impeccablability and at the same time…
Letting yourself really give yourself to the moment…So what if you screw up…So what if you make the wrong choice….
You can always choose again…
good judgment comes from bad judgment.
Learn about yourself, and become the person you most need/want to be…
Not on the outside but on the inside.
Let your kids see you hurt, learn, grow.
They will learn that you have value, so they will have worth too.
They will learn you have courage to do the best you can with what you have at the moment, so they will have courage too. Have integrity of character and they will too.
World wide change starts in your home…
in your soul.
Find your value…Find yourself…Give yourself permission to dream, fail, and change.
I promise it’s worth it.
You are the treasure uncovered…
The adventure yet had… The diamond in the rough.
Choice…The world and some of the people in it can/will try to grind away at you…Until there is nothing left….Or you can use the force of this reality to create something wonderful…
Turing into the wind…Letting it Shape your stone making the inclusions and flaws your valuable inner light, blowing away the sand covering your treasure…
making your travel easier in the adventure as you go.
Find yourself, and you won’t be lonely.
find yourself, and you won’t make the same
choices you made in the past.
Advocate for yourself and you discover
Say ouch when you get hurt, and those
that really love you will stop hurting you.
We need you out here…Being truly alive and well and imperfect but willing.
We need you.
Yours today in the pursuit of my own quiet inner grace…
and finding a new courage to keep on growing,

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