Dear Future BAD! Kitty Art Studio…You ROCK! Check this out.

Check this out! I just found it, and I sent myself an email about how I am feeling today and what I want to see manifested in the year that I will receive the email…It’s cool. And you can read other peoples random public emails to themselves…Weird and funny and sad…It is a cool social experiment, and you know I can’t help myself when it comes to science…And self improvement possibilities…And the connection between making reality what we want it to be…either it will be each of us thinking about ourselves and our needs and needed improvements…Or all of us deciding on one thing that is and can be true for everyone. I think it’ll be a big mix of each of those…Start with you then be the change you want to see in the world…Inspire yourself, then empower others to see their own change/evolution…And poof! New reality. If we supported life…Really supported life…What would that look like…Globally?
Hmmmm, Makes you wonder doesn’t it?
Me too.
Check it out…Hit the header or the link and leave yourself a message in for the future you…From the you today.
Magic happens…Even if you don’t believe in it…That’s why it’s called magic afterall…Just like faith…Can’t see it…Just gotta have some of it.

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