BAD! Kitty Art Tag and New Magic Art Doll Work in progress pictures

The top picture is a tag I made while I was working on a handmade card to accompany the painting I was sending out earlier in the week. I can’t make just one thing at a time…When I do a project…I do three at a time…So anyway this is one of the other projects I worked on while making the card…The third was my new Art doll…Which is the bottom picture….This one is a lot of hand sewing, and is much more complicated as far as putting it together…So I’m still working on it, a little every day, but it is coming along now and I wanted to share it with you…I plan for it to have text and more beads of course…And just more detail…But it will be a magnet too…I just love making magnets….And tags too…Ten minute art…Love it.
See Ya’ll later…Just wanted to remind you …I am an artist up in here ya know?

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