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Saluton – Esperanto for Hello
I awoke thinking about life.
Not just my life, but life in general.
I am thinking about the essential spirit,
the very essence of life, the life finding a way.
What was I before I was born from my mother?
I was in the “void”…Waiting to become?
Like this butterfly, my very essence waiting for my wings
to dry, so I could fly away to
become my current form.
While I was in the void, did I know I was there?
Was there any consciousness “there”?
Before I emergerged from the underwater world of my mother’s womb, before I grew into my human body, I had a tail, I swam like a tadpole, inside my soft eggshell of human being.
When the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, it’s not thinking about flying first.
First it must extend it’s wings, letting the
fluid become solid matter,
it’s safe, small, wet world traded
for one of light, air and freedom.
As the butterfly takes wing…As it
does the very thing that it was created to do,
only then does the butterfly realize of the dangers
of being alive, in plain sight and in flight.
Being Human…Recently I feel like I must have sprung forth from my cocoon in the same fashion.
I came fully formed this time…Like the baby crocodile,
with a full set of teeth.
I feel as though I spent my past life…In a past life.
My field of Birth, the pastures of my youth, the hills and valley’s of my years spent here, in this reality…
were merely the unfolding of my wings,
to prepare me for my first flight…
in the open…
in plain sight…
aware of the world seeing my
beautiful wings
my wobbly, zig-zag flight patterns,
and bold colors.
being seen.
See me.
I fly…
because life is magic
it finds a way
no matter the complication
lifetime allotment
of time itself
to be alive,
it finds a way…
I will not think of the open air
as my enemy
or my time in this world
as limited or wasted.
I will count the moments of this life
like the butterfly
and concentrate
be aware of only
my time in the air.
I am free today to fly here
or there…And unlike the butterfly
I now fly
weapon and tool.
I have teeth to hang on…
now I can bite back…
if I need too
and hang on…
if I want to
open my mouth
let go…
unfurl my wings
become more
as I plummet
towards my future
trusting the air
trusting my wings
trusting the laws of
to send
the breeze along
to carry me
Because life finds a way.
Life is magic.
Life is faith.
Life is.
I am life.
I am what happens
after the air
and the pain of was fluid
becoming solid.
I am out of my cocoon,
and the Universe
magic in the void
to create the science of me.
The Nature, the essence of me
and a reason for being
given the gift of wings
in the first place.
I’ll not squander another
counting my wounds
wanting more
than what’s
already mine.
I’m just going to fly,
coming down is the hardest thing.
Yours on the wing today,
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