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-30 : Hacker for Hello there!

This is a morning of cold, slushy and wet in Oregon. We had a Ice Storm yesterday afternoon, and the whole city is acting like it’s a major news event.
We live in Oregon People… It rains (they freak out), It snows (every couple of years) we have ice storms (every year at least one)…Yet less than an inch of ice or snow…Sends the city into a tailspin…Literally.
Anywhoooo…I am feeling stiff and sore.
My body isn’t liking the weather.
Other than that, the kids are out of school, and I have to shift gears on my day job turning it into my evening job for a couple of weeks.
That’ll be hard to do…But it’s what has to be done so…On with the show.
I am going to mailing off a newly sold painting today
(with all the extra BAD! Kitty goodies that are always a surprise for the person opening the box…I love surprises, and because it’s being sent to the new owner…As a Christmas Present…The wrapping and gift card are not included as part of the extras),
and trying to do some work on the new commissioned work…Sketching ideas and such.
The boys will keep me running all day to keep up with their needs and desires…I hope to scan in some of my new journal pages this afternoon…And post and re-new advertising/marketing efforts…And maybe if I am lucky…I’ll get to paint something.
I am working on my art dolls, whenever I am sitting still long enough…So that means of late…Bathroom throne time, the last thing at night…(Late), in between cooking courses for one of the three meals of the day, and early in the morning, before anyone gets up.
I do pretty good even still…Even with this last three weeks of my daily life being crazy and unpredictable…At least more than usual.
The dolls each take at least three full days of work…
(read my last post about this being an underrated art form
like I said before…I don’t know why that is so.)
They are so cool to make and live with.
I am having fun with them, and I find it relaxing in a different way than painting or sculpting. I have always had a huge appreciation for fiber arts and artists…But now I know why they are fiber junkies…It’s like being a junk/scrap/garbage junkie myself.
That’s why I like it…I make my dolls out of scraps…Whatever is around, no special shopping or anything…You never know what I’ll use next.
That’s why I love recycled art…Those who dare…Win even when they loose…Because they gave it a go in the first place, they had brass enough to fail.
I have enough brass to fail…I also have enough BRASS to win.
I plan on winning.
So locals…Christmas time is nearing the deadline where you need to finish up your shopping needs…Think about Art in any form from any LIVING, LOCAL Artist…Because we can deliver the goods. One of us out here, has what you
need or are looking for.
Portland is swarming in terrific talented people.
Check us out…We are on the web, posting on CL, and having Open Studio Days.
Not all great art is sitting in fancy Galleries…
most of PDX’s really great art is in private studio’s
and cafe’s and consigning shops.
Check it out. Art is everywhere…Maybe what I do isn’t your “thing” that’s cool…But I know there is a living artist in the area that does “move you”.
Find it/them.
If I am lucky and you do like my work…Then take a chance…Buy something!
I offer you a return policy, no questions asked, lower than gallery prices, professional shipping, and a 5 years worth of, 100% happy customers, referrals on request. Not one has returned a work…Knock on wood.
I also offer to lay-away art, lease before you buy, lease art in general, and often barter/trade work for things/ services that I need. Just give me an email…Hit the header to any daily post and go to my other web site…Check it out.
So…You have very little to loose, I am fun, but not overwhelming, and I want you to be comfortable to purchase or not to purchase the art that inspires you.
BAD! Kitty Art Studio…Will be hosting other artists…Or at least if my experiment of being open by appointment only works out, I will be hosting other artists.
I want people to be interested, before I start trying to help other artist sell their works…Scary stuff just trying to sell my own…But because it scares me…My OCD about fear means I will have to give it a go, at some point…I hope that will happen soon.
I decided to do business in this way because it offers the customer flexibility…They can email me…And get prompt… Within hours most days, return email with information and scheduling availability, and a phone number to contact me. When it works best for them…After work, before work…After dinner time…Weekends…What works best for you?
I did it this way also… So that I can continue to work…I don’t know any artists that have just open all the time regular business hours, in their studio’s… We all have to have time to work…Most have open studio days…I have an open working studio whenever you want/need me to be open…Year round.
I think once people get used to the idea, that it will take a little bit of planning…Not much…To come to the BAD! Kitty Studio…
they will like the idea, that it can be stress free and fun if a little planning about coming to the studio goes into it…It means the situation can fit your schedule, and you therefore will not be rushed…Or you can look and go, if that’s your wish.
I am joining another group of artists and we will be forming a ring of artists in the area (west side PDX area)…So we can offer open business hours for certain pre-scheduled days…So people could get a map and go from studio to studio within a short area…And have “drop-in” days and hours. Cake and eating it too.
I think we are all
(independent…Self representing artists I mean)
trying to figure out how to find/understand/and perform the business of selling art and the business of being the creator of the art…Who better to talk about my work…Than me? How do I get it in front of you though? That’s the issue…You can’t fall in love with me
(ahem, I mean my work)
if you can’t find/see me.
I know if it does not work….That being my own business, I can change, I am flexible. It gives me the chance to try new ideas, and new things…Without a safety net…And I like it that way. If this doesn’t work…I’ll try something else.
I will always be willing to
How about you?
What are you willing to dare to do today?
Why…What makes you feel like being a risk taker?
Tell us…We/I would love to know.
More power to you all today!
*Artist is now pushing the red button on her day…Jet pack is warming up…My super woman cape is neatly pressed…My super power chopsticks of truth are holding up my hot grrrl hair…and
I am good to go*
OH…BTW and today’s post is my 252th straight post…I committed to 7 days a week…365 a year…And I am delivering it…I love it, when I keep promises I Make to myself. Wahoo for me!

Universe…Bring it.


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