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BAD! Kitty Art Studio Quote for the day!
Hej – Swedish for Hello
Thinking about who I am TODAY.
That’s what I woke up thinking about.
Yesterday, I sold two paintings and agreed to do a commissioned work for a new patron. Yes, I hear the gasp out there…I know I don’t do commissioned work anymore…but this subject matter of the painting she wants made intrigues me, and she agreeded to let me “do” my thing…she does not even know me…but she said “I trust you.” So I agreeded to do it…what a daredevil I have become…
She bought three paintings at one time.
Isn’t that cool?
The last big sale I made, that one person bought 4 works all at once too.
Both of them new patrons to me,
both of them in different parts of the country, both has never seen the work in “real” life before purchasing, or ever heard of me, or met me…and both don’t/didn’t know me from Adam.
That has nothing to do with who I am really today…but It sure is nice to get rewarded…
(with meeting new fun people that really “get” my simplistic artistic style… and making a little money too)
for a job well done.
just FYI…I sold some a-r-t…yeah!
*artist now assumes a more humble posture
…and kicks at the dirt with her toe
(but she *the artist* does not look down anymore…she does not secretly feel like a fraud, so she can be humble and grateful…with integrity)
…gee, thanks a lot Miss*
(she * my new patron*is now a transplanted
southern lady, so she’ll get that good manners thing…and I know she’ll laugh at it too)
What I woke up thinking about was how I am at an internal crossroads. Letting the past fall away with the tears and shedding my old skin of grief… knowing that like the snake that sheds it’s too tight skin as it grows…so do I; because growing causes things to change…the seams bursting, and old scabs get itchy.
I woke up itchy for a road trip.
You know those days when you just can throw a small bag together…get in your car…and just head out, to see what there is to see, don’t know when you’ll be back.
“Honey I’m going out for milk, see you in three days!”
So, because I am not able to bend time and space (yet)
I have to travel the road inside.
I don’t have a map, and I lost my reading
glasses three months ago.
I guess I’ll just pack a small bag…
in it I’ll throw my new basics…
confidence, integrity, determination…
imagination, and just in case of the unexpected…
one simple black dress…a Grrl never knows when she may encounter a passionate
roadside attraction.
(Mate Man is at every stop on this trip…
isn’t that cool too?!)
And the good boob bra…can’t forget that.
After you have three kids and breast feed everyone of those little greedy little bodies with your own brew…you become astutely aware that a good bra, can change the whole days outlook…
That and hot grrrl hair days,
I think I’ll throw in hot grrrl hair in that
overnight bag…why not?
Shit happens…and I wanna look good when it does.
Is that so wrong?
I feel good, because I can now see who I am today.
An Ordinary Crazy Person,
who has decided to become an extraordinary,
ordinary crazy person.
I am almost there.
Watch out Universe, Here I come…
my bag is packed
I am ready to go.
The new ONE can do anything she wants to.
The New ONE can travel down any unknown path;
be trusted to make it down the street and around the corner, and is now smart enough to avoid the shortcuts and candy offered by strange wolves along the way.
I am the seeker and the seer.
I am alive.
I choose to live.
Keep it simple stupid…
I choose to be truly
ALIVE and at the Ready…
with Conviction,
What’s in your bag? Where is road going?
Who are you today?
I am
Tank Grrrl…
on a new mission…
Getting on with the business of getting me on
down that road…it starts with the first step…
Rodger That…

Over and out.

PS Have a great day and thanks for being here.

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