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December 15, 2005
ActForChange and Working Assets are proud to bring you an urgent alert from Care2, the largest online network for people who Care2 make a difference. This urgent action calls on the Senate to reject “Association Health Plans” — a big-business-supported healthcare scheme to reduce coverage and get around state-level consumer protection laws.
I urge you to visit Care2 and take action today. Together, we are making a difference.
Will EastonManager, Assets

Stop Congress’ Attack on Your Health Care
Imagine if your health insurance plan could raise your rates at any time and deny coverage of the most basic care — like birth control, well-child check-ups and mammograms — even though your state requires such coverage. Well, the House of Representatives has already passed a bill that would allow a new type of insurance to do just that — and we need your voice today to stop this anti-consumer legislation in the Senate.
Click here to take action.
Under the guise of making health insurance more affordable for small businesses and their employees, a big-business coalition led in part by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is pushing legislation that would create a major healthcare loophole. The misnamed “Small Business Health Fairness Act” would create a new type of federal health insurance called Association Health Plans that would be exempt from over 1,000 state consumer protection laws.
These new insurance plans would not only be able to refuse to cover services that your state requires all other insurers to cover, they would also be allowed to raise your rates at any time and would not be required to keep enough money in the bank to actually pay your bills.
Tell the Senate that this is a health care step in the wrong direction.
It’s hard to imagine who could believe that such flawed legislation would help Americans, especially since the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office found that the vast majority of small businesses — over 20 million employees and their dependents — would actually see their premiums increase under this legislation.
But the House passed this bill in July, and the Senate is back in session this week. Your voice is critical today — please sign our petition to send a letter to your senators and urge them to vote no on this flawed legislation.
Click here to take action.

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Be the change…take ten minutes and
help change the world.
It is your world….and yes it’s a small one afterall.

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