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Ahn nyeong ha se yo – Korean for Hello
Yesterday, I saw the government briefly yacking about something, the President was getting ready for a speech…I didn’t even think about it…I turned it off before he could even get to the podium and start talking. I also completely avoided the news yesterday…It just gives me high blood pressure…The fear, carnage, missing children, taxation without representation….
*OH, Oh here she goes off on a tangent *
The Facts of OUR Economic Slavery!
We are all so busy trying to keep our private lives together that we don’t have time to worry about how many people our government killed today…Foreign or our own.
We don’t have time to take to the streets, and riot.
We don’t have time to worry about the state of affairs in the rest of the world…The rest of human kind…Because Here in good old America
We are kept so scared about loosing, our jobs, money, homes, cars…Kids, family’s…Our Nation.
We all are…Nose to the grindstone, hoping that we can keep our heads above the water long enough to ride the wave out.
We have had bad Government Before.
We will have more in the future, I am sure.
What we have now is not a government, of, for and by the people.
What we have is the souless pursuit of the “American Dream”.
That dream isn’t real.
Most people can’t find work, housing, food, or a good education. Today…In America, if you are getting YOUR needs met…Then screw everyone else…I’m taking care of mine.
As a self employed American…You have to pay double taxes…But when you want to retire…
(which had now been pushed back to 70 years old)
you won’t be able to use/get the money that you paid all into the system all your working life. As it stands…The schools are a mess of standardized tests, and over extended/under paid/under valued teachers…That just wants little Johnny to freaking sit down and listen so the teacher can teach…So here…Wild child, you don’t need better parenting and a good diet…You need a pill.
In one of my son’s classes their are 8 out of 26 kids on drugs for ADD.
Now tell me…If the government won’t take people into the military that have taken these types of drugs as youngsters…Because of the side effects they have on the developing brain…
then why are we feeding this shit to our kids?
So Little Johnny will freaking sit down and shut up
and fit into a better social box, and their jobs (the teachers)will be easier…Don’t ask the parents to actually parent their children…Just buy them a Happy meal on the way home and sit them in front of the TV…That’ll work real well.
Its like the way that the President can go and Murder Thousands…And not even one cop car gets turned over and set on fire in the streets over it. They rioted over police brutality, a few years back…Burned down their own home town over the whole thing…But the President kills Thousands of our own people, and thousands of “others”, goes to “War” under a lie that has been outed for more than a year…And still no article of impeachment on the Congress floor? WTF!? Are we paying these people for?
We are too scared to loose our jobs to take time off and protest, march, and scream until things change.
We need to keep eating, buying gas, paying bills, you know the basics…If they keep us scared and running we don’t have time to watch what they say and then do. We don’t have time to have a sense of Humanity.
We are Economic Slaves.
We are taxed
(OMG! Are we taxed!!)
without real representation
that stands for the people
of this great land.
We are lead by sharks that make twice the amount that we the people pay them to do their jobs
(our tax money that you must pay or YOU will go to jail…Unless you are an ENRON or White House Employee)
(and we must pay for their lifetime benefits too, BTW how many of you have that grantee in your jobs?)
…Take care of us…Listen and do for us…But they get paid so much by the people that they really work for
(corporate America is the real American Dictaor)
in spifs, extras, and so on that it pays to be a public servant today…Boy howdy does it pay.
I have not lost my humanity…
I work everyday just as scared as the rest of you…Maybe a little more because no one is buying art…Anywhere in the world today.
Art is an undervalued thing next to gas and bread.
I know the drill. It’s cool I get it…What I don’t get is…
I make most of my money so we can continue to make it
(read keep the light on and food in the be
bellies of our kids…I only eat one meal a day to help out…The kids need three squares, I don’t, you parents out there know the scoop, I’m no freaking mayter…I just do everything I can to help out this family…And plus eating sucks for me because of my digestive tract…)
with the day job.
Art isn’t income…It’s ifcome.
I get that too.
Hell with the state of the world…I am more interested in buying survival gear than Christmas presents myself.
humanity is what we can’t buy,
the shit just won’t go on sale.
That’s what’s on my mind this morning as I sit here with my pile of bills to my right and my bank book on the left…And Christmas coming…Knowing I have to be responsible and pay the bills first…Then “do” Christmas…Because that’s the way it is…And I want to show by example to my children…That its what you give not what you get that counts in this world…What you GIVE.
Factory of life…Trying to make babies equal food.
Money Sucks…And it’s so important to all of us right now…It’s crazy….What about having a life where you can keep the lights on, and eat, and be involved in your world all at the same time?
Economic Slavery…Think about it.
Where and how you spend your time and money are the only power we have.
Buy Local.
Buy from the people in your local area. Buy from people who worked and made what you eat, drive, wear…Here in your own area. Buy from local farmers, buy from local businesses, write to your editors, your congress person, your President about making the out sourcing of an American Job
a hate crime.
Make a difference in your world today…See the change that is needed and become it.
Realize your humanity…And use it.
Here are some places or links to go and find out what companies are “good” and which are capitalistic fascists…I hope that it helps you find some places to spend or learn about
and that’s just a few off the top…Learn, Spend, Grow,
CHANGE…that’s what we are here to do.
As my good friend said to me just recently…
Let’s change the world shall we?
Yes, says I… I think we shall.
Don’t want to live in a factory world? Then Don’t.
Yours in the struggle today,

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