BAD! Kitty Art Studio Presents: “Swimming Upstream” Magic Art Doll #2 in the NEW Building Series

BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the day!
“Swimming Upstream”
#2 in the new series
Art Doll Magnet
Mixed media
So completely Fun!
9″ at her longest
5″ wide at her widest
SUPER strong Magnets
on her back, that have been sewn on
and then glued to make sure they never come off.
She is very lightweight.
Made from a broken Harliquen doll, and a broken cherub figurine; her arms, legs and head are all recycled porcelain.
Then I used a Goldfish cut-out of some fabric and a purple salamandar out of the same fabric…Along with some magic stars ribbon, and a ton of hand stiched glass beads…she came together.
I like the combination of legs…Woman and child…I love the fish and salamander because they symbolize her willingness to be what she is…of this earth.
They are embracing around her body, the salamnders feet are holding the fishes fin across her shoulders…And they embrace and form a new being.
One that is magic, holds the key to all things…
(she is holding a key in one hand and a sign in the other)
and the sign says:
“Live Life as if it were created just for you.” ~Maya Angelou
On the back of the sign there is a passage about dreams and the connection made in history between the supernatural and the natural world through the observation of animals.
I trust she will find the home she is needed in…
Until then, I am happy to have her hanging in my studio workspace on my metal cabinet doors.
Being a magnet makes her a Go any where kind of gal.
Locals Special Price: $45.00 (you pick up in my Beaverton studio)
Bloggers special price that includes standard shipping to anywhere inside the USA: $75.00
Free International Shipping quotes given…just ask.
MeoW! WHAT!??!
You Want it gift wrapped with handmade
wrapping paper, and a handmade card too?!
Don’t sweat it…Just let me know, and add:
to your total price.
Here is the quote that inspired her:
“I asked an endurance swimmer,
“How is it possible for you to swim for twenty hours? What kind of mental attitude do you have?”
She said, “I believe that the water is a friend.
It wants to help me.
It does not fight against me and I do not fight against it.
We are working together.” I often think of that when I am in the ‘swim’ of life. The waves and currents and the tides hit us all at times, and it is not always easy to say,
“The water is friendly.”
It requires an act of faith, a volitional act;
it means work, but most of all it requires a will to believe.
The more we use this will, the more it becomes a part of us and the more natural becomes its application. “
Marcus Bach
Thank you for being here…have a great day…
just keep swimming upstream!

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