BAD! Kitty Art Studio Gets threats of leagal action

Hi All, I just got this email from some unknown who left no way to contact them…so, I thought I would adress the isssue here, so they can see it too.
Here’s the email:

comments = Cease and desist from using this copywritten name or legal action will be taken against you.REMOTE_HOST:

1. The name Bad Kitty Is tademarked and copyright protected, for about a dozen diferent enities you are right. (all spelled differently or or are in some form of business that is different from the rest of them…there are other blogs/artist out there calling themselves Bad Kitty…am I sending them crazy emails?…nope….I just don’t care)

2. The Name Bad! Kitty Art Studio , however (the way it is spelled and used) is also trademarked and copyright protected…by me, the artist HMBT.

3. USA laws allow variations on copyrights to/for names or business titles as long as they are not the same entity or infringing on the original copyrite owners businesses or sales/product…I am doing none of those things…I did tons of research about the way I spelled/picked my Art Studio’s name…so don’t send me notices about your “impending lawsuits”…if you are not going to even identify yourself…(oooohhhh even more scary) and at least explain why I must cease the use of my own copyright…
Want more info? Then leave some contact information so I can tell you how to get bent in person.
Thanks and have a shiny happy day,


  1. pinky
    December 13, 2005

    all i can do is sit here with an evil giggle.

  2. HMBT
    December 13, 2005

    Why evil giggling? Do you know something missy?! I demand to know…NOW! *Artist is now shining very bright interogation light on your kneecaps…she’s a softy…but you had better cese and desist…or I may threaten legal action.*BTW Isn’t Pinky a copyrighted name? Yes, yes I think it is….you better watch out….! HA!

  3. pinky
    December 13, 2005

    i’m giggling because just another yahoo in this world thinks they can intimidate you. now, stop shining that light on me!!


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