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BAD! Kitty Quote for the day!

Ohaio gozaimasu
(Japanese for Morning)

I have so much to do today, with some clients booked for the studio, in every spare minute, and the day job, and errands this afternoon…I am also so close to being done with magic BAD! Kitty Magic Art Doll #2
(she is part goldfish, part purple salamander, and part harliquin “doll”….with fun stuff all over her….sound fun?)
that I am excited to get “spare” moments to work on her…she is so different from the other one “Joy” (see other posts down for pictures)
and they all seem to be taking the same size range and all are intended to be magnetic…one also can be hung…but most are magnetic, because if noone buys them…I have metal 1950’s cabinets in my work studio area…and they can ride on the front doors till they find their homes….cool huh?

So I gotta run, I don’t have amazing insights, or crazy dreams to talk about…we decorated the house with the kids yesterday, I took a rare (read never) day off from work related items at the kids pleading…and I’m glad I did.
We had so much fun and the house feels like
Christmas is coming, and for the first time in
four years it may not suck for the kids….
and us too.
That will be nice.

Wish me luck today that someonre that visits will want to also purchase an artwork…which I have to finish hanging…yikes!
Gotta run….do drop by and leave a note…I miss hearing from you all.

Take care, and live Bold!
*Who is tuned in, and turned on…but I just can’t drop out yet…Totally, sorry Mr. Leary…but I am working on it!*

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