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BAD! Kitty Quote of the Day!
Ellohay – Pig Latin
Happy Sunday to you all!!
I am going to be away today…playing elfish pranks, wearing silly clothes, listening to Christmas music, and setting up the tree and house with the family.
So today…I won’t be around much.
I am still taking appointments for a couple of days into next week…if you have contacted me and not heard back from me within the last couple of days…it’s because the Universe granted me my wish when I asked for it…
and I am now scheduling for the upcoming week…you’ll be getting emails or phone calls from ME later today dealing with all that…so thanks for your patience, and this is my formal way of saying sorry about the delay….
The universe knows I need to work on my organizational skills…all though thankfully…my time managements skills have improved this last go around…so I am flexible…the reed sways but does not break.
Much love to all, and if you need to talk to me…
just give an email…
today I’ll be working on all
“art related issues”
between 12 noon and 3 pm pacific time…
so expect or try me then.
Love to all…I am wearing my Santa Hat right now
…to surprise the kids when they wake up…
it’s another one of our traditions….
they know it’s the start of the
HOLIDay Time for us
when they wake up to the
Santa Hats.
We put up the tree…a real
(not really real….why kill a tree
(magic being in my mind) so I can bring it inside to die while I adorn it with sybols of faith and rebirth? Uh-hu…fake, pre-lit..easy up, easy down…and the energy used to create it will last forever and become non karmicly icky, besides I have terrible allergies…it would really make me suffer)
one this year, we are going to go get it
this morning…yipppeee!
AND Just in time the
trauma has passed away…
and I don’t feel Super Human or anything,
but just normal excited to share the day with my boys.
Who are the only thing that matter to me during this holiday season really.
Making them happy.
So I wear
Of Elfish
to inhabit my spirit
with the
inner light
to share with
boys …my treasures
my delight.
Remember the joy.
I have two more Magnetic Magic Art Dolls
almost done and ready to share…soon!
Love to all,
see/talk to some of you soon!
Deck the halls will boys of mis-ch-ief…
boys who are -jolly will make — fo-lly….
Now I ask my daily Pr-aye-r,
Hold to-geth-er this fa-mi-ly
so fa-ir….
Deck your halls this year…
with what ever you have around you right now…
is enough to share.

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