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Jo napot [joo napot] – Hungarian for Hello

This is a photo I took a year ago this time of year…this is the little falls on the way up to the BIG waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge…Multnomah Falls…Just as a crazy warm spell, that created a quick thaw was upon the falls.
I love water, I grew up and was raised in/by water, and here in Oregon, there is so much water…Some of us say you’ll grow mold or moss on you if you stand too still for too long in the woods.

I also love hiking, and everything about being outside any time, any place…Don’t matter, I would rather being walking thru the woods, than doing anything else…other than sex and art, which are both great outside too! Bonus.

I am a really pretty good nature photographer, I have tons of great photo’s that I have taken of nature…it’s everything else that I can’t get in the just frame right. I do make excellent movies though…I’m really good at those…

I am being the change I want to see in the world. I am supporting only small (as local as possible as much as possible) micro businesses or individuals, where ever I can find them this holiday season. I openly offer to trade/barter all the time, instead of dealing with “money”…And I give when I feel moved…And I am now telling the real truth about myself.

I used to be a liar…My ass got kicked more times than I liked about being a liar when I was a kid. My Father hated liars!
All though he was my greatest teacher in the subject matter.

I had no other choice but to lie all the time, out in the world and at home…If I wanted to survive…So it was hard for me to understand that lies are what Humans where born to do/create, and forgive myself…for being a liar…we all are to some extent, andwe have to be.

Our brains did not develop because we got smart enough to hunt and eat meat (protein) …They got bigger and smarter because…We needed to learn to lie/manipulate.
It’s hard science…We didn’t grow pretty feathers…Or have flaming red asses that made potential mates go…”Oh look over there!”…So we had to become smarter to woo…To court…To mate and reproduce…Now it’s the bane of our lives…Modern Reality.

Every One has Trust Issues….I wonder why?

Lying hurts, is evil, and a cancer…but it’s also necessary to survive.
As a human today…We all lie.
Everyday…All the time to everybody…Even ourselves.

*reference material from Scientific American Mind Jully 25, 2005, for those of you who wonder where I get my info…I read a LOT, try it sometime*

(in this blog)
I am speaking truth, living free from the burden that it’s the lies that hurt people…it’s the truth that hurts…and that’s the truth.

Also…being the change I want to see in the world…I shop/spend my money as carefully as I can…not just because I am broke as hell…but because it’s my power in the reality. Who I spend my time and money on/with.

Micro-economics…I think we should make out sourcing American Jobs a Hate Crime.
I also think that making a self employed person pay double the amount in taxes, of a person that is employed by a company…is stupid, and hurtful to what makes America Great. The American Dream….Being the Boss of yourself in everyway…it’s a lie.

In America today…we are all slaves…Economic slaves.

So I refuse to participate as far as I can. I pay my taxes *with much bitter resentment I might add* like a good citizen, but…I spend my money with locals or small business…small business is the way America is going to make it through the dark days of recessecion that lay ahead. The brave, small business’s that’s what will keep cities, states and the country together. We have to do it for ourselves. We are on our own.

I don’t support the current state of things/reality.
So I…live as clean as I can…being the change I want to see in this life.

It could happen.

Today, Mate man had to go into work, and I have to work to make up lost time on my day job…and it’s the weekend…and my kids are sick of me doing nothing but working…and well that’s the facts of life…you wan eat and have some Christmas presents right? Well, in this house that means we all sacrifice “things” so that we can do it. We wait. We work. We save. And We are as smart as we can be…but it isn’t always enough.

Trying to be OK with enough never being enough is hard at 7, 8, and 16…it’s even harder at 36 and almost 40.

We live and learn together…that’s the best we can do as warriors…chain breakers…Creators.

We behave decently, and humanly…we give instead of taking, we ask how can I help, instead of why me? We thank the Universe for our family and the wealth we do have…the Truth we share…the love that is real…every single day, by being our best…it’s better some days than others,
(our best)
but we do our best with what we have.
We never give up, we are winners because
we don’t want what the
world wants us to want/need.
All we need is
The rest…it’ll be what it is when it is…and we will make the most of it, when it comes. That’s the real Power of being Human…Self control…and making choices…lots of them…all the time.

Living free and true today,

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