BAD! Kitties Newest Art Doll Magnet…yep, that’s right…you can stick it anywhere :)

BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the day!

“Don’t forget the Joy”
Art Doll/mixed media…Vintage wooden spools, beads, wire, found objects, and a reject, glass lens for her head and face.
Magnets (Super strong) on the back make her a go anywhere kinda gal.
9″ tall and her arms reach out about 6.5″

Locals Special Price: $35.00 (you pick up from the studio in Beaverton)

Bloggers Special price that includes shipping costs to anywhere inside the USA: $49.00

HUH?!! What…?! You need it gift wrapped, shipped with a special handmade card sent along with it…. to someone special?? Well…MeoW! We have you covered just add :$15.00 to your total…and ummm, let me know too, ok? 🙂

About This work:
“don’t forget the Joy”, is about me needing something to do with my hands, while I try to remember who, what, and why I am. I got it back…my Mo-Joe…..
(“I’m just a love machine…and I don’t work for nobody but you….I ‘m Just a love machine…yea,yeah,bab-baby”)
so I looked around the place and found this huge bucket of vintage wooden spools that I had the have , at the time I bought them…Which was about two years ago.
So I’m sitting here…and I don’t “feel” like painting…
I want sparkle, I want for the hell of it…I want some FUN…Darn it!
So, I made some.
She came together, while I put myself back together…Try this here…And a little glue…A fancy bead…And Poof!
There she was…and I remembered the Joy.
I made her a magnet because I love making magnets…Don’t know why, I just do…
I like that they can go anywhere, and be useful,
and be inspiring…and that they are fun.
I have three more in the works, right now…
(Each totally different…I never repeat a doll, and I have not made one in over a year…so…while it’s “in” me…I’m cranking them out)
I think each doll is magical…that’s why I make them sparingly…you don’t go just throwing magic around…left and right…willy-nilly…well, a person might…never know what could happen then.
I have four right now this one is #1…
I think there will be five all together.
That feels right.
Maybe 7…
we will just see, now won’t we?
I feel an Art Doll Explosion coming on….someone call the Nurse, and boil some water… STAT!

Have a great day,
Thanks for being here,


  1. LyonZPath
    January 17, 2006

    I love it.. so wonderful. What a great idea.Smiles,

  2. HMBT
    January 18, 2006

    Well thank you! I really have fun making them…and they are almost addictive…right now it’s trophies…but I do have two or three of the dols almost ready to show too…thanks for stopping by…hope you’ll come back!Take care, Heather


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