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Bad! Kitty Quote of the day!
Moi / Hei (Informal) – Finnish for Hello
Every day is just one day. Each moment
being past, present and future all at the same time.
It’s all right to change…
“it’s all right to live the life you please.”
~Traveling Willburys
I am changing, each time I have another of these
“Educational Moments”of
emotional growth,
most of the pain is about the small
death of an older
version of myself.
After giving Birth
three times in this reality
I know for a fact
that they call it
for a reason.
Sure it’s been awhile since I felt
the pain of a birth
but it’s not something that you forget.
My insight for the last two weeks
came to me this morning.
Conviction is a powerful
motivator…So is pain.
Today I feel like the
world may be a little better
place to be in for me.
I am powerful in my conviction
to become the
best me I can become.
In every way.
The tedium and stress
of ordinary life makes it easier…
I get that now.
I get up everyday and do the things
I have to do
in order to be able to
take advantage of
the little stolen moments
that keep me alive.
Talking to a good friend,
being understood,
being loved…
life changing moments
that flash by in a
I am a Machine of Love.
I may not be able to
in this reality…
to forgive
but I can forgive myself,
for not loving them anymore.
Giving myself permission
to keep becoming
the change
permission to
stay the same.
Giving myself permission
to live the
that pleases me.
There will always be something
to believe in.
There will always be
there will always be
my fears,
there will always be,
time to make sense of it all.
I understand the power and
courage of the
written word.
I accept that this is my
Seeker and Seer.
The obligations,
truths about ourselves,
of this
reality are what
we make them.
Weight or Fuel.
I am on
I burn
to destroy
I burn to
lay waste
I burn to
I burn to
I burn to
If I was given these
gifts by my divine
Then there is a reason
for the pain.
Time to Burn
away something
away the impurities that
keep me from my
Anger/Fear is a form
Pain/Chaos is a form
Love/Passion is a form
Fuel for what purpose?
To drive what machine?
A machine of love.
A machine of creation.
A quantum Machine.
I am tired of being different,
and feeling bad about it.
So I am
not going to
do it anymore.
I want change.
I am a machine of change.
I still have some
“As Human beings,
our greatness lies not so much
in being able
to remake
the world as in
being able
I am that maker.
Today I build.
Today I burn.
Today I trust.
Today I risk.
Today I Live.
Have a wonderful day…create the you
that you really are
and share
it with
the world.
with me.
Today I am a
at the Beach
gusty winds blowing
sand in my face
coldness just
outside the ring of
warm light
from my
Fuel is good.
Pain tells you when to stop.
Release comes when
you are ready
and invincible.
at the same
Here’s to the Great Re-making!

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