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Dobry den [dobrii dyeny] – Slovak for Hello

I slept sound last night, with no bad dreams at all…I think I had a little help last night from a friend…Who is an Empath, and has been keeping up with me as of late.
I felt like it was ok to let myself rest for real last night…when I laid down, I instantly “felt” like someone smoothed the hair back from my eyes, kiss me on the forehead and say “Sweet Dreams Now”, and I smelled cookies and baking bread…so I know it was her, she smells like a “good home smell” to me… Thank you…Miss Sara…I needed the rest, my batteries were running down.
Today I feel the energies!
I’m Peppy even…Nice.
I have some ornaments to finish up and take pictures of to share with you all…And the studio is in a state of total disarray, because I am tearing down the last little showing…So far I have rotated the art 4 times in as many weeks, and I like the way it feels, to go into the “art vault”
(aka the back storage room of the studio)
and dig around and pull stuff out, and then put it together, the place changes so dramatically each time, that it’s fun…I love having my own place to play/work in.
With it being a separate little “Mother-in-law” type cottage, that’s off the main house and totally separate from the “big house” as I call it…I can walk across the covered back portico
(reminds me of my favorite Florida home, everytime)
and open the door to my own little
Everything I love about the world of material/spiritual/inspiring things is in here…my broken scraps of junk are all organized,
(almost…there is still 5 boxes full in the other storage room left to sort)
and my painting stuff is within reach…I know where all my stuff is, because I am the only one in here…it’s so nice!
I have never had this type of experience before…Something that just me…I did it all by/for myself…
(not really Mate Man helped a lot…but I got to be boss…I love to be boss…and when he wears the tool belt…if there is something to be done around the house…I always ask, “is it gonna require the tool belt?”… the man drives me crazy in a tool belt, baseball hat, and sloppy jeans…Yummy…I also love to watch him throw things…don’t ask me why, but I do) 🙂
It’s so cool to feel happy about the simple things again. Lordy what a good nights rest will do for a grrrl.
Up for the day:
I have doctor’s appointments for the kids (morning), teacher parent conference this afternoon, got to work the day job as much as possible, re-hang the studio, pick the kids up from school, damn… gotta drop the Mate Man’s shirts at the cleaners, and run by the Grocery store too. Then dinner…and then people will go to bed…and then AAART Time!
I’m going to start some secret presents for the boys tonight…hehehe.
I’m going to be wearing my Santa hat while I do it too…elvfish deeds need the proper attire…I also wear the Santa Hat whenever I am shopping out in the world for Christmas presents…Mate Man and I both do it…the kids too…it’s a sight to behold…the Brown-Truman-Martin Clan marching through the mall or wherever to shop…with giant red fuzzy Santa Hats..5 of them…we got one for our pooch Mr. Stinky Mc Wiggles too so tha will make 6…it’s our family tradition…to make elfish asses of ourselves…it’s so much fun being an elf, and I also love my hat…I love hats anyway, but the Santa hats are too much fun.
Well, Mate Man and I slept in the morning instead of getting up early together…so I am running late already.
I sold another painting! It’s “Fairy World #9
(i think that’s it’s number) “
I should have taken a left”….I love it!
A local did not buy it…she lives in another state
(which off the top of my fuzzy racing brain I can’t recall at this moment)
so I have to get it ready to ship out…Yippppeee!
My fairies are really starting to fly away now!
That thrills me to no end, I am ready to start living with the new body of work in my viewing space…and I am growing so fast (internally) and the work is being inspired by so many cool people and experiences…it’s literally pouring out of me like water….AND…Yesterday I had five emails from interested parties for coming to the studio for different reasons….5!
I was on cloud nine! They may not ever really book an appointment and come…but it was so cool to hear from locals in that way…
that I was literally jumping up and down with Glee!
I have not had any glee in a few days so it’s nice to “be” back!
“I’m A suuuper Star! “
* Artist is now showing you her “j-a-zz-hands”*
(Saturday night live character)
Take care, more from me later….

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