Silence is sometimes what a BAD! Kitty needs to lick some wounds clean.

I just wanted to follow today’s early morning post with a little more reflection. I gave myself the day off. I slept, and ate, and cried.
I don’t feel any better, but I made it, and it was a bad day.
So…Maybe I’ll wake up in the morning, and I will be able to greet the day differently…But I am fine. I am making it, I am trying to use it to understand…Unlock the “triggers” that make the “episodes” happen. I am putting it together, making a purpose for it. Taking control of what I can…And being ok with not being Super Human Today.
Thanks for the emails and calls…I love you too. I am grateful for you too.
I am tired, and going to bed…This day is in the crapper for this tired warrior…Tomorrow I look for the silver…The sauce…Today…I just needed to clean the old place up…And open some doors to rooms that needed airing out…I guess. Now maybe I can go back to being happy about the holiday time again….Everybody has bad days…This was one of mine.
Thanks for being here/there.
And as for the the rest of you Bastards (you know who you are…fucking green meanies…get bent…I can’t do any better than that, if you read this that is….Remember I was kind to you…Selfish, greedy, bastards…I was and continue to be kind…How’s yall’s Karma these days?…And I CAN forgive myself for hating you. Still)

Have a good night everyone, and sleep peaceful…I hope I will,
Love, Heather

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