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BAD! Kitty quote(s) for the day!

Namaste – Hindi (Greetings/best wishes/blessings)
This morning is a new day…of course…in reality it is for everyone, but for me it’s a new day, because I took the time to “melt down” yesterday…did the very best I could…went through the whole experience…I don’t “feel” better/worse…today I feel like if I wanted too…I could go try out for a role as a double agent hit man type character…and totally pull it off. I have theater in my background…so this would be a good day to audition, if I still did such a thing. I don’t…I enjoy theater, watching and writing/reading plays, but the whole thing together as an actor…I was not made to be an actor/player…and the BAD! Kitty in me is a terrible over actor anyway…S/he always wants to be the star.
I am going to work today, in studio…on the new painting I finally started, and also I am going to be donating some art to a fundraising art auction for my favorite local charity/non-profits…Cheap art party…This is how it goes…I do this one charity if no other every year, they are a great bunch of people who help empower low income Humans to have their needs met and help those who need it…And they are just great folks that do great work, right here in our own backyard for our own friends, neighbor’s and communities…Don’t miss the fun time, and the chance to get some ORIGINAL BAD! Kitty Creations on the cheap…And help out a great bunch of folks, I get nothing but the good feeling of doing this every year…So it’s 100% going back into my/our local community…Here are the details:
The Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT) is planning its 3rd Annual Cheap Art Party!
This fun fundraiser for CAT not only makes art affordable for the rest of us (all art will be sold for less than $25)*
When is the Cheap Art Party, I hear you asking? Get your calendars ready- It’ll be the evening of:
**Saturday, December 3rd at the Milk and Honey Studios, 2512 SE Gladstone#205**
It’s going to be great fun! Plus, you are helping to empower Oregon’s low-income tenants. What could be better?
*we may do a silent auction for more expensive pieces
Ari Rapkin
Renter Stability Education Program Director
Community Alliance of Tenants Renters Rights
Hotline 503.288.0130
Office 503.460.9702
Please call for more details! See you there…I love watching peoples faces when they get something they really love, and otherwise would not be able to afford it…the light turning on inside…That’s all I need.
I maybe able to show more pictures today of the re-hung studio…I am going to run a promotional Fairy World Opening Next Week…For the Locals…And it’s starting to look very Holiday/fun in here…I want to share.
Have a wonderful day, and think of your blessings…
* Note to self…And you straighten up Missy…You can do better than that today*
…And if you have a little extra (energy, love, can-do attitude)…Send some towards the West (ME…I’m running a little low today) and…I’ll leave the light on for you.
PS: Come SEE THE STUDIO….Ahem..Please with a HUGE cherry on top.
I’m making Christmas tree Ornaments today…wanna see?

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