If you like Robots…And I know you do…I do too! Let’s be best friends…Ok…Seriously…It’s great art, and cool stuff check it out…And he’s a Local Portland Artist too! Too cool…Support Local artists in your neck of the woods…


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  1. melba
    December 1, 2005

    Hi Heather, Thanks for writing to me. I checked out your site, very cool and I really liked the pictures of your apartment. Sometimes I miss living alone in an apartment…now my home is full of more toys and less of my individual style, I try to keep it in control, but it is sort of impossible with two toddlers running around. I am always amazed and impressed when artist are able to support themselves by their work. Oh, I just realized you have many sites, I will have to visit them all! Take Care, Melba (I tried e-mailing you, but my message came back to me saying there was an error in the address)


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