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this is a great blog…and great art too, check her out…living large and in charge…I love it.


  1. melba
    December 1, 2005

    Hi Heather,Thanks for writing to me. I checked out your site, very cool and I really liked the pictures of your apartment. Sometimes I miss living alone in an apartment…now my home is full of more toys and less of my individual style, I try to keep it in control, but it is sort of impossible with two toddlers running around. I am always amazed and impressed when artist are able to support themselves by their work. Oh, I just realized you have many sites, I will have to visit them all! Take Care, Melba (I tried e-mailing you, but my message came back to me saying there was an error in the address)

  2. HMBT
    December 2, 2005

    HI Melba,I don’t live in the studio…it’s attached to my “big” house as we call it.I don’t live alone I have 4 Men in my life, three of them my sons…and I totally Identify with the whole not much of my style going on in the big house…but out here in the little studio hide-a-way…it’s all about me, and what I want, like, need, desire, and just DO>I really liked your blog, and I’m glad to have met you…keep in touch sistah spirit! And you guys go read her blog…it’s great oo…but then come back to me….I’m jelouse and greedy today…sorry Melba…:)


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