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BAD! Kitty Art Studio Quote for the day!

Howdy Folks! (Southern style greeting, yep still going strong on the greeting OCD)

So I’m glad you could stop by today, and see what’s on the slab…”you see I making a man…with blond hair and a tan”…oh sorry, I got caught in a Rocky horror moment there.

This morning my eyeballs sl-o-o-wly opened to greet the darkness before my dawn….I always strech first, laying in the dark…before the light goes on…and then I sit up real fast, and throw on the light…it’s the only way to get my brain aware of the fact that the legs now have got to start working. When the light goes on and my eyeballs adjust… I always get this flash of insight…this morning it was that I am the MOST impatient Person on the planet…I am sure of it.

Yesterday…I was called away from work to take the oldest (aka the Narrow One) to the ER…guess who broke his right hand/wrist? Yep…if anybody is counting that makes two out of three of my sons currently…. that have giant casts on thier arms…the middle child started the school year off by breaking his front tooth and a bone in his face (monkey bars and his desk…in the same day)…I swear between the scooter/skateboard/monkeybars and my accident prone children…somedays I don’t think I’ll make it.

I lost another day’s wages, sat in the stupid doctors office (see other rantings about doctors offices…I mean why make me an appointment for 9 am when I really won’t been seen until 10:30?) and then nursed the both of them the rest of the day….I still…have NOT…PAINTED! I think I’m going to loose my mind if they don’t just go to school, let me work (my great day job) so we can pay the stupid rent, and leave me alone for a few hours so I can paint for goodness sakes!

I have had to “make up” hours lost at the day job in the evenings, after Mate Man comes home from work and can take over the House of broken bones…so I can concentrate on my clients needs, and my clients of my intuitive life/spiritual coaching (aka the day job) have been so great and understanding about my crazy life this last week…just a shout out to all of you and note of Thanks for my clients understanding a patience while my children try to make me crazy with the ER shuffle. I know it’s everyone’s favorite thing to spend days on end at the ER…Glory days let me tell you. Please feel free to contact me for rescheduling needs, or for making future coaching appointments, yes they are done here in the studio as well, surrounded by healing art, and discovering your greatest inner self….what could be better?

Back to my impatience issue…I have been civil, I have been cordial, and I have been an advocate for the last three days for my kids health care… Tired is what I am. I need to re-charge myself, like the picture up there…Plug myself back into myself…And create!

My new sculpture is coming along…It’s a light up sculpture, so it’s taking some time to get the wires and all the electric confounded parts together enough to take a photo of it…right now it’s still in pieces…when I take my five minute breaks or whatever…I work on it…so at this rate it should be done in 2.2 billion years. It’s really going to be great though and I can’t wait to show you all, it’s been fun being forced into another beloved,but put to the side… art form, but I am impatient for the hours needed to start a painting. I have this huge ass canvas, and I want to paint it!

Arrggh! Where is that damn clone? Yes, I’m still looking for her. Moving is such a pain…She’s still in one of thoses boxes in the garage I am sure of it….

I am impatient also for my studio to be seen by the public. I am impatient for people to come see the Work, and maybe even buy some of it. I am impatient about having art parties, and hosting other artists, I am impatient to get the ball really rolling.

I have waited and worked for three years to have a “place”, and now that I do, and it’s ready…I just have to wait for you all to come, or shop online.
That’s part of the “paying my dues” of being self representing…if I had and agent taking care of all this, I could just paint, but having my super hero complex…I want it all…not the money, but the ability to meet people and talk about art with them, and just exchange time and energy….is that too much to ask? I mean it’s so boring to just paint and hand over the work to Galleries, agents and wholesaler/brokers…they don’t care if it’s a moving, life changing work…they only just care weather it will sell or not, if it’s done in trendy topics, themes, or colors.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about any of those things…I just do what I do…under my own demands, under my own steam, and my own direction. I want to get the party started on my own thing here, and I know I have to suffer through the start up phase…I’ve done this business thing before (very well thanks…see other posts about my glory days as a person of reputation, wealth and such)
…I just hate the waiting part, I suck at waiting.

I want appointments coming out of my ears, I want people to see how much soul and heart I have put into their comfort, and un-sales like environment…I tried hard to put myself in the place of art collector/buyer…I tried to see things from the “other” side. My work sells…that’s fine, but I really just want to see if my ideas will work or not…I guess I am impatient to see the light that will color this experiment…but I need humans to do it though.

I can provide the consistent input, push, drive, desire and passion, the failing, the trying it again…I just can’t stand the waiting….For something to happen.

I have been posting for 190 days straight 7 days a week…You guys (I know I have a readership following of around 3,500 returning visitors monthly/daily)…What do you think I should do?

Would you like a newsletter? Would you like me to talk about painting tips more? What can I do for you today? How can I make this blog interesting to more of you? Some of you must be coming for my Quotes of the day…are they working for you? Do you like them? Some feedback from you guys out there would be great…my Mate Man tells me don’t give up now….just keep swimming!

I am swimming, today I am turning on the heart light…and we will see what comes back.
I will discover/uncover my most foul and shine some light on it till its beauty shows more clearly.

Yours in discovery today…looking for some feedback here…so, see that little button at the bottom of this post…the one that says comments? Use it…please… for me today…use it…let me know from your experiences, your tastes, you thoughts or feelings on this…have you already been there done that? Share…

Yours in Trying to be patient *and not doing very well at it*


  1. pinky
    December 1, 2005

    you know what i like about your posts? they’re real. they have soul and meaning. it’s my daily routine to plop down for five or ten minutes to see what you have written for the day. it feels like i’m sitting there with you, having a chat and sipping on hot tea.i don’t think you need to change a thing. and i know how hard it is to be patient and let good things come to you, but they will. someday soon you might be wishing that it wasn’t sooo busy at your studio!!now, you need to take a heather moment and go paint something: anything. just for you, not to sell, but something for you. even artists have to revive every now and then.much love to you, Carrie

  2. HMBT
    December 2, 2005

    Hey Baby! Ijust took your advice yesterday and painted for me…it’s huge and the background is done much in the same style as your beloved (and ione of my fav’s) Secrets…it’s just as big too…fun…and you were right…I needed me time…much love, Heather


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