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BAD! Kitty Quote of the day!

May you be Most Welcome here Today!
(African in origin)
(see other posts about current OCD on greetings)

Learning isn’t something that stops and starts or ends. I am sure that the last breath I draw in this reality will be full of new knowledge.

A mouthful of ball bearings is how I feel this morning, so much to say…I am feeling…everything, not really overwhelmed but un-eloquent about my expressionin word form.
I have not been able to do more than work on the studio and “the” book…and I am feeling bottled up…with a mouthful of ball bearings to distract me from my thirst, for expression.

I have started a new sculpture…I am so excited about it…I am dreaming about how to do this and that…you know. I can’t wait to share some pictures later on…I’ll try to do that today.
Busy, busy…as a matter of fact it’s 5:44 am and I am off to the store to get lunch box goodies for the kids, I forgot the store in everything else yesterday. Max got his cast…it’s red…Yea for RED!

Gotta run…love to all…just keep swimming, just keep swimming…hahahaha! That’s for you Pinker-ella.

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