BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the Day!

BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the day!
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Fairy world 11 “Journey”
18″ X 24″ Framed and ready to hang.
Wax, oils, and collage on reclaimed wood.
Heavy because it’s on a solid piece of 3/4″ wood with a simple flat black wooden frame.
Locals Special Price $200.00 (You pick up in my Now Open Beaverton Studio)
Bloggers Special Price: $288.00 *Price includes shipping to anywhere inside USA*
International Patrons, please request a free shipping quote before purchase.
About Fairy World:
The Fairy World Series has been a yearlong exploration of my unique brand of Woman. Growing up, I experienced the extremes of 1970’s stereotypical behavior: both of the genders were represented clearly to my little-grrrl self. I learned to fight, to fear the adults of the world, and to loath my biggest birth defect, being born female.
I wanted to play war, and I fought regularly, boys mostly. I hated the color pink, which was spoon-fed in every petite little girl bite I took. In long hair and dresses, I went about my life trying to make sense of what it was to be a girl in this world. Seeking balance, seeking my inner truth, coming to grips with the body that was at once, object/commodity, weapon/tool, and all the time weak/powerful, and shameful/virtuous.
Learning how to play the roles with gusto, I have traveled 36 years in a body that has not always felt like my own; a rental that is a little short in the legs and itchy in all the spots that are just out of reach. Fairy World allowed me to marry the warrior, and the type, or brand, of woman that I am. I love my grrrl-ness now, a beautiful, complex and scary uniqueness that defies definitions and allows ultimate flexibility. The female form is inherently preprogrammed into us to bring forth many emotions from every human being on the planet. I am one such human, and this is what I see/feel about also being classified as Female Human.

My fairies are not average beauties; they represent the different aspects of my new breed of human being, a complex being that at this time, resides in my gray matter, and now these colorful canvases too. We are all creator and destroyer, we all also have a terminal illness; it’s called birth. I am proud to be this complicated being commonly known as Woman, privately known as the tiny, infinite universe. This life is full of potential, pain and change. Choice is like mathematical equations; never ending numbers spiraling into the void, life is choice; choose wisely and often. Welcome to my world.
Fairy World.

About Journey:
It began with the Indian Girl’s face, that picture made me feel so alive, new…like even water on my face could be a wonderful, joy filled moment. the rest of the collage took 4 weeks to evolve into it’s mutli-layered, hidden meanings.
I am a recycled artist, meaning that I try to re-use anything and everything. This is a cut to size piece of thick plywood that was beeing thrown away…going into a landfill to take up room for much more important human refuse than good piece of wood.
So it is heavy, I like that; it symbolizes…the burden of all our travels and the blessings that have come from that on our shoulders.
I have traveled so far…internally… in so few years, and this creation was all about putting the “scrapbook” of my experiences into a perspective that was beautiful (for me) to look at, instead of hanving this pile of crap I survived.
I am making the effort in this life to live…really live…not just pay my bills, and try to keep my kids alive…but LIVE…be scared everyday that it might not work…and have Faith in myself now to…” Know when to hold em’, Know when to fold em’….know when to walk away, and know when to run”
~Kenny Rodgers
But I digress…this was about me creating a story that is both real and fictional, autobiography and fantasy.
After I finally committed to the collage and glued it all down I used a wax and oil mixture with netting to cover the entire surface. It’s matt in finish, and can’t be hung in a bright, hot sunny window because of it.
I also used all originals as far as the collage goes.
Sometimeses you use copies so you can keep using images later on. But these felt like they lived/belonged together, so no copies were made, it’s truly one-of-a-kind.
This is why you I think you need original art in your life:
“Good art makes you stop and look at it. Great art moves you in some way. Terrific art is something that changes you, inspires your inner you, alters your inner dialogue, communicates to the subconscious, is gratification for the Soul. Human Beings need Art in their everyday lives because it heals, speaks, inspires and explains…Period. You need art in your living environment because you need to speak, heal, be inspired and explain.Andnd possibly reward yourself for the hardwork of keeping on, keeping on everyday…having the Stiff upper lip and all that.”~hmbt
If you would like to claim this wonderful work as your own, or make a no sales pressure, no obligation to buy anything… Appointment to see it in person please contact me, here or thru my web site:
BAD! Kitty Art Studio Original Artwork by The Art Czar HMBT
Where the Art is Bold, and I always offer Extra Sauce.
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