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BAD! Kitty Quote For the Day!
Hey there partner…I got tired of the the same old Good Morning Opening line…time for a change, I think I’ll say hello as many different ways I can think of, before I go back to Good Morning for awhile….these are the important details of my life…shheeesshhh!
I am going to make this short, I have a crazy day, with new patrons (possibly…maybe just new people to meet and show off the Now Open Studio/Gallery to) Today!
I am going to take some pictures of the gallery room to show all of you in moment so stay tuned…I should be back within thirty minutes or less with some shots of the place…
But I feel great, in case you are wondering, the whole family worked together yesterday, getting the last details put together…we are so excited to finally be taking appointments to show people…that I feel we are all a little giddy, we all want to know if this experiment in how to see/find/view ART in a whole new way will work.
We are all excited to show off our hard work too. We have developed a great sytem here, and as we put the last piece of painted furniture in it’s place last night…we all we so freaking proud.
The place looks homey, and inviting, but professional as possible. I mean I am no “Professional looking” expert but I wanted it to feel almost like a normal well put together home space, so you can see art in a setting close to what most of us like …it’s nice to see how art looks while sitting on a soft cushy couch, and the artist is serving tea and talking about the work if you are interested…it’s going to be so much fun today.
I gotta run and snap and load those pictures….the kids are starting to wake up, then it’s Mom time…so…I’ll be back soon!

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