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Good Morning!

I hope everyone out there in the Universe had a great Yesterday, I am planning a terrific today. We have our Thanksgiving today…so I’ll be gone from the web today…come on…! everyone takes a holiday sometimes…right? I mean it’s been 180 posts straight 7 days a week, and it’s been fun. I will probably do something goofy with some of my time off today… like post pictures of the studio or someting…I am feeling giddy and charged up from all the good works we did yesterday.

So watch out world…I am full of fun stuff today. I will NOT be shopping in the commercial world of C(ommercial hell)hristmas at all… period…we don’t shop that way unless it is absolutely unavoidable. I make all my gifts, even when we had money, we made gifts for each other (and let me tell you I was glad we had made that tradition up when we lost our asses…Whew! Nothing changed really as far as Christmas goes…) then too, everyone gets to make three wishes for a big “bought” gift and they will get one of them…if we can do it…I have pulled it off every year so far…we will see what happens this year.

Last year, we were more poor than I remember in recent past…we had $72.00 at the time…and no tree…so my Mate Man, measured and nailed nails into the wall, in the outline of a tree, and strung the lights…we hung a few special decorations on the wires…it was great! The kids loved it and thought it was an “arty” tree…no one else did have anything like it…that’s for sure…but it was a great Christmas, one that we will always remember fondly.

This year I am taking orders for their presents…my youngest wants a painting about a castle…the middle one want a dragon or a magic tree…in a book form no less…picky little….the oldest…hasn’t decided…and then the they have their wish lists…and we are Orphans…no outside family…so Christmas is easy and simple…just us Five…round here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and I am looking forward to meeting/hearing/seeing you soon.

BAD! Kitty is better than this anyway…I’m a little rushed this morning, so if you are new…just scroll down a little, give me a chance…it get’s better..really, really.

Take care on the roads my traveling friends! Heather

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