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Cracker Jack Mary
8″ x 10″
finished sides, no frame needed, ready to hang
it can be framed, just in case you are wondering…there is enough revel around the edges of the assembalge to accomodate framing.
Mixed Media: Vintage Photo, real vintage MINT cracker Jack toys, wired on…so yes they could be removed later…the cracker jack toys span 50 years of toys produced by the company. Handcut tiles of black and white plexiglass, flat marbles, oils, handmade clay tile hearts, and metal powders.

Locals Special Price: $110.00 (free delivery in the PDX area, or pick up at my Now Open Beaverton Studio)

Bloggers special Price: $150.00 (Includes discounted shipping to anywhere inside the USA).

International shipping quotes given for free, just ask.

About Cracker Jack Mary:
Cracker Jack Mary came about from meeting a really neat guy named Manny, and another great woman who both gifted me with parts of this assemblage. The Cracker Jack Toys are authentic vintage toys that are all in mint condition, and wired on, so if they were ever “harvested” for their individual value they could be removed. There is at least one toy from the last 50 decades of Cracker Jacks on this work. The portrait of the “Mary” came from a local woman who gifted me her old family photo’s for art. Manny sold me his little box of Cracker Jack toys for a few dollars telling me the whole time, he could sell them for more on ebay each than what I paid for all of them. To my surprise…he was correct! One of the toys is a real rare one, made of vellum and worth about 60.00 by itself! I had no idea they were even collectible, but when I told him that I wanted to use them for an art project, he handed them all over for $8.oo. So thanks to Manny, and the lovely lady that gifted me with these great items to help tell my story, in visual form. Change is Good.This is the quote that inspired me during the creation…***”It is the individual only who is timeless. Societies, cultures, and civilizations; past and present are often incomprehensible to outsiders, but the individual’s hungers, anxieties, dreams, and preoccupations have remained unchanged through the millennia.”~ Eric Hoferer (1902-1983)Enjoy your day!Please buy art from living artist….
This is why you I think you need original art in your life:”Good art makes you stop and look at it. Great art moves you in some way. Terrific art is something that changes you, inspires your inner you, alters your inner dialogue, communicates to the subconscious, is gratification for the Soul. Human Beings need Art in their everyday lives because it heals, speaks, inspires and explains…Period. You need art in your living environment because you need to speak, heal, be inspired and explain…and possibly reward yourself for the hardwork of keeping on, keeping on everyday…having the Stiff upper lip and all that.”~hmbtIf you would like to claim this wonderful work as your own, or make a no sales pressure, no obligation to buy anything… Appointment to see it in person please contact me, here or thru my web site:
Just hit the “Contact Me” button on any page.
Thanks for being here, and have a wonderful day.

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