BAD! Kitty Quote for the day

Good Morning…

I am deeply rooted in today. I have the studio gleaming, and ready…The art I am going to mess around with today…Till I get it just right. I am hoping to get a chance to paint for fun/work today too…It’s been two weeks and I am all kinds of ready to go back to my real work. “Put the paintbrush down! …and back away from the Canvas slowly…with your arms above your head!”

I faced my fears about starting this new venture. It takes me about 3.2 seconds to face fear…If I am scared, and I’m NOT about to jump off a building or something (Metaphorically speaking of course) then I do it. If I feel scared, I go do it…It is a compulsive thing…I have yet to think “I can’t do that”, when it comes to my business life. Spending all those years in the service industry, and also being “in” the art scene, with agents and galleries…I just know that there must be a better way to reach people with what I am doing. I am a marketing fool, I have created the place to do “it” in, and I keep asking the universe to send me opportunity.

My fear is that it won’t work….I’ll be the kid that sent out a dozen party invitations and no one will show up….So here I am…Facing fear…Come on fear, wanna Dance? I can K.O. Fear….That’s the easy part. It’s the living thru it that scares me to death.

Today…I face it, I work, stay focused, and keep on keeping on…See my work and my studio becoming what I want them to become…An extension of me…That people can purchase, because they find it’s a part of them too.

Wonder, excitement, and fear…All wrapped up in a neat little BAD! Kitty Bow…I’ll take it, Mr. Brown was right…It’s not that scary…I have failed before…It did not kill me, so I can keep trying till I get it right…That won’t kill me either…But I am not promising I’ll be sane by the end of it all…I am so BAD! at waiting or being patient…I am a now, now, now kind of person…I hate to wait, but I love surprises…so the first appointment for my new OPEN STUDIO will be my best surprise….

Dear Surprise Person,
please hurry the hell up…and make an appointment to see my work…you are killing me here, and I am sure my early demise will not make my work any more valuable…so get a move on will you? It’s almost Christmas Jive Turkey…you gonna give out those department store gift cards again? I got those too! Of Course They are BAD! Kitty Gift Cards…
Consider the insightful gift that art makes, or Give a BAD! Kitty Gift Certificate, so they can come and pick out their own art…but for the love of Art…get on it, I can’t stand waiting another second.
Respectfully and Impatiently yours,

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