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I am going to be active and positive today…Yesterday, I got a couple of emails from strangers (I think it was the same dumbass…they all came from the same IP addy) anyway, he wrote to tell me my work made him sick.
Isn’t that nice? I mean he took time from his busy life of hateful spewing to include me….I felt special. Good I hope it made you real sick…and you got it all out of your system…Because it’s gotta be bad sitting in there eating you up, like that. Poor baby.

Those things don’t usually bother me…but it was from a local, and I had just starting advertising the fact that my Studio is now open, and asking people to come see. I don’t know why it bugged me so….Portland is full of stupid, pointless people…just like the rest of the world…but it did bug me.

So…today is a new day…and I don’t freaking care if you like my work, or it makes you sick…I am still going to go on…I am still building the best me I can…sticks and stones…and I am made of rubber…all of that.

Not one person can stop me from becoming what I want to become…and I will continue to work hard at my dream…and leave the rest behind.
Not everyone is going to like my work…as a matter of fact about 70% of the people who view my work won’t like it…and out of the 30% that will like it only 2-3% will actually buy it…that’s art baby…Welcome to the big leagues…I can handle that…It’s the same for every artist…The Living Artists that is…The dead ones get to keep their socially accepted work as masterpieces…And the living artist…The ones that are explaining this world that we are living right now…They are passed over for Mall/Poster art that matches the drapes, or the roomful of trendy furniture…

Like this weekend there is an art show at the mall…They have used people in poor countries like Cuba, India, and other small places and taken these great talents in their own right…Had them copy or paint over with a clear resin… Copies of great art, slap them into a frame…And now you can buy it for under $100.00 each….now I ask you…where is the art in that?
I know where the money greed is…but I ask you…
Where is the soul? How much of the $100.00 that they get from each sale actually makes it back to the person who slaved over it in some other country? It makes me sick to see this kind of thing being called art. (probably what my hate mailer would call great art)

I can tell you…there was no one here but me, and I spend weeks on each of my works, and my prices are close to those at the mall, because I choose to make them that way…if you are going to spend $200.00 on some freaking print in a nice frame…why not support the incredible talents in the area that you live in? Why not have something that will increase in value ever year, instead of disposable artwork that can’t be resold…or sometimes even given away?

I will keep on, I will paint, sculpt and will come or you won’t, you might be nasty or nice, you might pay or trade for the work you want, you matter to me, and don’t matter to me at the same time. I want to be liked…I want my work to sell…but even if it doesn’t…I will still create for a living…Either way. Nothing stops me once I put my mind to it…not even sticks, stones or hateful people.
I know I am doing what’s right for me…so, on I go to make today as successful as it can be…and I hope to hear from you all soon.
Till then, have a great Sunday…Heather


    November 21, 2005

    Heather- You have a real talent dont listen to the stupes who envy your abilities. I looked at your work. You have an amazing sense of color an light.Bill

  2. HMBT
    November 21, 2005

    Bill~ Thank you! Thanks for taking the time to write to me, and for taking the time to look at my work…just Thanks…I needed that today, and you are very kind.Heather


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